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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Theoretical physics presents what I think is potentially an interesting bunch of sociology-of-science case studies and...
Y 10:37 AM
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In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:39 AM
0 19,963
So I was reading a science mag link today and wondered what you all thought about the NSF's role in funding the social...
Jul22-14 03:38 PM
2 1,137,11711,1048387,00.html NOTE: I couldn't think of a better place to post.
Oct3-03 12:47 PM
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Oct17-03 08:17 PM
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Oct21-03 11:00 AM
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Nov1-03 08:52 PM
Ivan Seeking
1 3,122
Self-injurious Bahavior (SIB) is usually referring to the actions of hurting oneself physically, like cutting or...
Dec13-03 03:41 PM
1 1,650
From Skeptic vol. 3, no. 3, 1995, pp. 72-80. The following article is copyright 1995 by the Skeptics Society, P.O....
Dec18-03 04:36 AM
Carlos Hernandez
1 4,204
Dec18-03 04:25 AM
Carlos Hernandez
1 1,817
Killing Freud: 20th-century culture and the death of psychoanalysis by Todd Dufresne Disastrous victory of a...
Dec28-03 04:58 PM
1 2,520
How can a nation obsessed by Michael Jackson's "pedophilia" and Britney Spears' "marriage" ever responsibly endorse a...
Jan5-04 09:15 PM
1 1,806
I'm sure it depends on the University but I'm wondering what goes on in University with the fact everyone is coming...
Jan31-04 09:54 AM
1 1,522
Based on the article below I have been having a discussion with a friend about how thoughts arise (where they are...
Apr10-04 06:46 PM
Rene Jimenez
1 1,967
I've heard of athletes who can make themselves feel cold/heat on command, or make themselves sweat on command, etc. I...
Aug27-04 11:33 AM
False Prophet
1 1,677
First, I'd like to note that I'm not sure whether this is in the right section or not. How many of you have catched...
Aug24-04 02:27 PM
False Prophet
1 1,234
There have been quite a few threads here in Social Sciences that would benefit from the inputs from sociology; for...
Aug7-04 08:54 AM
1 1,124
I have been trying to find a summary of global ethnicity and percent of... the origin of the bug in my hat is the...
Nov25-04 11:24 AM
1 3,933
Oct15-04 06:41 PM
False Prophet
1 3,093
The discussions about IQ and race here have been fascinating. There is also a theory that "ethnocentrism" is...
Sep29-04 12:14 AM
robert Ihnot
1 2,274
Today, what tests are considered standard for IQ testing purpose? Thanx, God blesses you if you help Howard
Oct2-04 03:27 AM
1 1,835
Would society be better of without copyright and patents? Or more or less of than today? Many would probably agree...
Jan12-05 02:00 PM
1 1,245
In the asset market equilibrium and Arrow-Debreu equilibrium, for each every agent, the budge constraint has the form...
Jan23-05 11:47 AM
1 1,562
I was horrified to hear of the UK government's plans to make child-care available in schools from eight until six. I...
Jan4-05 05:02 PM
the number 42
1 1,641
Analogy can be considered as one of the idea-generating techniques. Can you describe how analogy influence the...
Jan7-05 10:09 AM
the number 42
1 1,466
Hi, I just completed reading a very interesting article called "Love Thy Neighbor: The Evolution of In-Group...
Dec25-04 01:23 PM
1 1,446
Is there any race which is superior to all other races. (Biologically) :confused:
Dec14-04 08:28 AM
1 1,642
How can we increase Creativity and Reasoning power dramatically within 5 years?
Jan17-05 08:52 AM
1 4,829
My mother had six sons, all of whom smoked and my father too. She used to drink full cream milk, we had fish and...
Jan27-05 07:51 AM
1 1,237
Hey Do you think that the social sciences deserve their status as less hard than say math or physics or even biology...
Jan29-05 11:13 PM
1 2,166
I recently came across a Jewish newspaper and they had a very interesting article on the history of eugenics and the...
Feb4-05 01:47 PM
Scientific Method
1 1,876
We do not choose to be born, nor do we choose our parents, loving or cruel as they may be. We don't choose our race...
Feb7-05 11:04 AM
1 1,556
I propose dividing intelligence into two categories: "sufficient" intelligence, and "extra" intelligence. Sufficient...
Mar2-05 02:58 AM
1 3,381
There are people in this world who are afraid of certain things: like germs. Now not everybody likes germs, especially...
Apr20-05 05:40 AM
1 2,406 an ...
Apr21-05 07:27 PM
1 2,668
What is the exchange rate for RMB to US $? i.e. 1 RMB = x US$.
May1-05 05:44 AM
1 1,020
Can you tell me how to know a person if he/she is a real racist or not ? Are there any articles in the papers or news...
May14-05 07:48 AM
1 1,137
What is the difference between Capital Consumption allowance and Capital consumption? If i'm looking to calculate,...
Jul9-05 08:28 PM
1 3,456
For those contemplating marriage or other committed, exclusive relationship, I highly recommend Judith Viorst's book,...
Jul14-05 04:29 PM
Ivan Seeking
1 2,928
If this issue is covered under an existing thread please so direct me kindly. Otherwise, I'd like to hear about...
Aug26-05 09:03 AM
1 1,256
Insomnia- searching for sleep and an insomnia cure
Sep9-05 10:45 AM
1 1,662
Many famous people have suffer some form of mental illness, but it is also linked to genius, will this mental illness...
Sep30-05 09:21 AM
1 4,256

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