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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Feb15-14 02:05 AM
14 8,275
I don't understand what does mean of following statement processor take signal from switch via the input port...
Apr18-14 09:16 PM
8 396
Please suggest me, how to generate weak form or functional of any partial diffrential equation ( mostely second order)...
Apr14-14 10:19 AM
5 415
hi i am looking for linear retractable hydraulic joint, basically it is hydraulic cylinder with hole in the...
Apr14-14 12:30 AM
6 370
Hello people I need your help. I am kind new to refrigeration and I wanna design one. I have a waste exhaust heat...
Apr12-14 06:28 AM
3 609
I'm searching for a compressor that is compact but is able to produce up to 100 bar/1450 psi. It also should work on...
Apr7-14 08:50 PM
8 292
I have this assignment (First problem - exercise 2 - dias 7)...
Apr4-14 08:25 PM
0 295
I am trying to build a system to transfer liquid nitrogen (LN) into a roughly 6'x4'x2' sealed nitrogen gas-purged...
Apr2-14 09:25 PM
2 286
Hi I am trying to create a model to simulate the motion of a weather vane. It basically looks at the wind direction...
Apr2-14 02:14 AM
2 289
hey i am engineering student i am interested in designing a ic engine. I want to know necessaries and parameters for...
Mar31-14 05:57 PM
jack action
7 656
Hey guys, I'm looking for examples of real life systems which uses a board with holes to redirect cables in tension...
Mar29-14 10:51 PM
7 373
What does a first / second / nth order frequency mean physically?
Mar26-14 03:35 AM
6 578
Hello, I have an issue regarding the analysis of multilayer shell with same material. The multilayer structure...
Mar20-14 10:36 PM
6 574
Are there any software programs for purchase that allow control system modeling and design for individual use under...
Mar19-14 11:22 AM
1 416
Can anyone recommend a company that provide advanced control systems for marine and civil engineering in the...
Mar13-14 09:15 AM
1 1,690
Hello everyone. I'm sure there is a really good reason as to why this hasn't been done yet but I just wanted to ask...
Mar12-14 09:13 PM
3 577
A Cantilever beam of SiO2 of length 100μm, width 20μm and thickness of 5μm. How to calculate the resonant frequency? I...
Mar11-14 07:17 PM
Simon Bridge
6 597
A lot of people have been arguing that TSLA's stock/the company in general wont take off because the demand is above...
Mar11-14 12:06 PM
17 827
Hello! I'm currently working on a project where i am supposed to model a two tank system. The only information the...
Mar10-14 09:43 AM
4 669
Greetings to all in this fine community, If you are familiar with Crane Tech Paper 410, there's an equation to...
Mar9-14 10:11 AM
3 575
hey guys, new here. need some kind of help im required to design a gearbox which will be used to life an object of...
Mar8-14 03:41 AM
1 583
Is anyone here familiar with ANSYS Fluent or CFX? I have some questions about creating a simulation of subsonic flow...
Mar7-14 02:23 PM
1 522
I have a problem with my switch mode power supply, smps. It creates audio sound when I power it up, especially at...
Mar6-14 10:19 AM
8 7,997
Is it possible to have a body supported by truss linkages and isolate them from any stresses and impulses? Say, we...
Mar1-14 10:05 AM
3 748
hello all. here are link lengths Link 1=177.8, Link 2=228.6, Link 3=76.2, Link 4= 203.2 . I dont know how I can choose...
Feb28-14 01:17 PM
3 989
Could someone help Please? I am trying to mount a driveshaft to an electric motor for a Segway project and...
Feb24-14 02:10 PM
2 744
How can I calculate the total diffused and incident light of the sun?Edit I am doing this project with solar panels....
Feb23-14 06:10 PM
1 690
I am doing a project in controlling the vibration in 4 wheeler exhaust system by using dampers. But i am not sure of...
Feb16-14 05:12 PM
1 876
Hi, I have a single phase ac motor system currently working at 2980rpm, 5.6 amp, 50 hz, 240v, efficiency 87% giving...
Feb15-14 10:17 AM
1 746
Hello Sir, I am PG scholar in VLSI design.I am doing my project on FPGA based system in that i have to...
Feb15-14 08:40 AM
2 772
How would you go about designing a shaft with 2 bearings, 2 gears, and the shaft has various diameters (d1, d2, d3)?...
Feb12-14 03:06 PM
1 831
after visiting my fathers job and noticing the tons of cooling towers, i wanted to know if there was a way to prevent/...
Feb9-14 02:12 AM
4 927
LEV needs to be at 1m/s at the face. Letís say area of LEV is .1 m2 What size plate (with holes or not in it) and...
Jan28-14 10:44 AM
1 1,060
Franke's "condensed notation for structural synthesis" in this pic I dont understand how we can labelled some lines as...
Jan26-14 02:36 PM
0 958
how can we determine the loops in this mechanism.
Jan26-14 02:30 PM
0 934
I need to create a machine that'll help me clean out my crystal decanters. Brown rice and soap work great, just shake...
Jan21-14 08:51 PM
5 1,247
I have assembled a simple roller transfer mechanism for applying thread sealant ( toothpaste consistency ) to...
Jan16-14 09:42 AM
P K Pillai
4 1,042
I have the following data in an epicyclic gear train: Angular speed on ring = 1500 rpm, teeth on ring = 30 ...
Jan13-14 01:05 AM
3 1,262
Im trying to build this lighting rig, so that every time I hit the bass drum of my drum set, the rig can light up. So...
Jan13-14 12:42 AM
32 3,186
How can i compress methane without a risk of it exploding? I want to compress methane generated form biomass into a...
Jan10-14 03:59 PM
12 1,820
Recently I'm into it on Airbags and really want to know how it works I've seen some airbags stimulation on YouTube...
Jan10-14 02:34 PM
3 1,290

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