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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Aug17-14 02:07 AM
16 12,711
Holla peeps,in the nearest future I hope to make a rc helicopter. I've done a series of researches and so far things...
Y 04:49 PM
3 282
I am new to both Ansoft Maxwell and HFSS and attempting to simulate transients on a 3d structure. I have a structure...
Y 09:26 AM
michael pranit
0 77
Why are we not supposed to operate a machine on its natural frequency condition? I read max. energy transfer happens...
Aug31-14 01:06 AM
9 317
I am doing "Schlieren imaging" visualization of a gas flow from the nozzle. could anyone please recommend a...
Aug29-14 09:07 PM
5 315
Hi, I just started my first job and I have to complete one unfinished project. This is a dust collector system and i...
Aug29-14 07:16 AM
2 178
Dear everybody here, please i need help at that attached image of round shape as shown, my questions is what is...
Aug28-14 02:16 PM
2 127
I am studying renewable engineering at uni.. And found the flywheel storage interesting. I did my own research...
Aug25-14 09:03 AM
1 195
At my shop we recently acquired an old 2-post automotive lift from the 70's. The lift has two cylinders, one for each...
Aug24-14 11:00 AM
3 301
Hello All !! Above is the title of the topic and am looking for inputs. Right now I am working on this as my...
Aug21-14 10:13 AM
3 304
Hi. I was wondering if there is anything wrong with running LDO Voltage Regulators at max current output for extended...
Aug20-14 03:22 PM
3 578
I want to implement circuit that can be operate throw web browser there are many network controller but I want to...
Aug20-14 09:53 AM
3 279
I am trying to find out if I could substitute a Plano-convex cylindrical microlens array with a Double-convex (fly's...
Aug19-14 09:08 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 235
I have often wondered why conventional large wind turbines have evolved with their generators and gearboxes in the...
Aug16-14 04:05 PM
7 433
Hi all For a recent project, I am looking to simulate a metallic object moving through a magnetic field (think...
Aug15-14 07:13 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 410
I'm trying to make a water purification system for use in rural communities. The thing is, most rural areas are off...
Aug14-14 09:14 AM
11 687
I am currently setting up a combustion experiment and I encountered a problem with a fuel I am using. For this set...
Aug13-14 10:43 AM
1 314
I would like to run 8 pulleys off of one motor. Each "pulley" would be 19" in diameter with 20lb of weight at 30RPM. ...
Aug11-14 04:21 AM
5 433
I have been interested in (the concept of) large frame industrial combustion turbine supercharging since the early...
Aug8-14 08:07 PM
4 486
So as a side project for my professor, I'm supposed to 1) build a recirculating simple pipe bend 2) experiment and...
Aug3-14 09:40 AM
2 1,669
I have a tub randomly filled with light longitudinal parts like pencils or matches. My goal is to gather them into a...
Jul30-14 10:54 AM
2 490
Hi All, May I know anyone from here have experience in using Bentley Substation?I've encountered some 3D Modelling...
Jul27-14 10:04 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 2,070
Picture explains much better than words can (see attachment) the idea is to monitor the level between the two...
Jul25-14 11:54 PM
4 1,034
I am going to design 10 kw, Permanent Magnet, Direct Drive Wind Turbine Generator. The main problem is, how to...
Jul21-14 05:41 PM
7 3,598
hello. I am asked to give a lecture on double pipe heat exchanger . I have studied books like process heat transfer...
Jul21-14 03:09 PM
1 818
I need to find a high capacity (60-90 gpm) pneumatic pump that is able to pump 2.8 cP (fairly low viscosity) dirty...
Jul21-14 03:02 PM
8 1,397
A square tube beam, 4in x 4in x .1875in thick. Length= 36in Cross sectional Area= 2.859in^2 A36 steel How do...
Jul21-14 02:09 PM
5 1,600
Can someone explain what the PID robust methodology is all about in simple...
Jul20-14 02:07 PM
5 2,652
Dear all, I am mechanical engineer with no background to circuitry and electronics. I am trying to connect a flow...
Jul20-14 12:31 AM
19 4,769
Hello everyone. The purpose is to be able to build a mousetrap with a trigger mechanism to initiate the trap. In...
Jul16-14 11:06 PM
2 2,094
Hello, I am working on a project where I am trying to take a photo of paper that I insert into a slot of an iPhone...
Jul15-14 05:07 PM
14 4,557
Hi! I would like to change my work truck into an electric hybrid. I have all the electrical portions of this project...
Jul3-14 06:57 PM
7 4,322
VLSI testing is process that is used to determine that chip is good or faulty VLSI chip is tested by test equipment...
Jul3-14 01:37 PM
3 2,512
Hey Guys, I'm working on a Stirling engine to show my nephew. I have made one before that runs off off coffee water...
Jul2-14 03:54 PM
1 2,677
Dear all, is there anybody knows how to set a 2 degree-of-freedom movement in ANSYS Maxwell 2D transient model? I...
Jul2-14 07:49 AM
2 2,928
I want clarity on STC rating that is 25kA or 16kA or 18.4 kA. If I want to change my Specification of 12kV Indoor...
Jun30-14 07:06 PM
3 2,751
I want to simulate the absorption spectra of gold octahedra when irradiated by a light source, according to the...
Jun30-14 03:50 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 2,874
Is anyone here familiar with ANSYS Fluent or CFX? I have some questions about creating a simulation of subsonic flow...
Jun29-14 12:13 PM
2 3,230
Could someone help Please? I am trying to mount a driveshaft to an electric motor for a Segway project and...
Jun29-14 02:36 AM
7 4,390
I'm in the process of prototyping a monitoring device. When certain conditions are met, I need to send a SMS or...
Jun27-14 03:35 AM
5 2,529
I have been working on a solenoid for different applications, but cannot find the desired output. I have a bobbin or...
Jun24-14 05:26 AM
1 2,313

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