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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Aug17-14 02:07 AM
16 12,953
I am trying to figure out how to build a high speed winch. I need to be able to lift about 350lbs at a rate of 10...
Jul25-08 11:25 AM
3 5,620
I would like to know if anybody has thoughts on this idea, vs using parabolic dishes and a distributed oil heat...
Jul26-08 01:30 PM
11 3,433
Hi All, I'm thinking of toying with either the MSP430 (texas instruments) or the WT11(Bluegigga) for a wireless...
Jul27-08 10:46 AM
0 1,732
If 2 twin cylinder engines are geared together (90 degree cranks) and then a chain is coupled to the rear engine to a...
Aug6-08 11:43 PM
3 2,939
Hi friends, Hope you are fine. I have a DICOM image(medical). I want to convert it into Raw image....
Aug7-08 04:14 AM
0 1,836
Hello everybody Its Bashir .. I am doing a research on Upflow floating media filte and have some questions and...
Aug8-08 10:46 AM
1 40,317
Is it possible/meaningful to use a 12V DC motor to run a 120 amps. Alternator at 2100 rpm ? If yes, what kind of DC...
Aug8-08 02:37 PM
1 8,259
I really need your help.. will explain to u what I am going to do exactly 1) I have to built a filter pilot...
Aug13-08 01:55 PM
0 2,525
I have a filter for removal the impurities from the water.. this filter has a cross sectional area about 0.07065m2......
Aug13-08 02:36 PM
9 2,276
After seeing some people with these motorized skateboards i kind of wanted to try and make one. Does anyone know the...
Aug18-08 11:46 AM
1 5,575
theory check: i have a hydro site that has generates 2000Nm of torque at 100rpm. this has been calculated at 20.95 kw....
Aug18-08 05:27 PM
1 8,124
I want to make a overvoltage and undervoltage protection circuit. Overvoltage should trip at 460VAC and undervoltage...
Aug21-08 01:53 PM
4 3,791
This is my first post, so forgive me if I'm in the wrong place!!! I know this topic has come up before, but I...
Aug23-08 09:42 AM
2 5,164
I am just "trying" to watch interstellar TV... The detection range in lightyears is R =...
Aug26-08 05:58 AM
1 1,800
Hello everybody.. I have aquestion and hope to get help..please bear with me and try to finish reading my...
Aug27-08 06:45 PM
1 1,792
I have an idea for making a go cart with a in wheel motor, same idea as the volvo recharge:...
Sep1-08 08:21 PM
5 3,667
hello all I am in the midst of designing a motorcycle that I will be building. one of the things I would like to do...
Sep7-08 12:26 PM
1 1,566
I'm trying to find some information on different methods of controlling a permanent magnet synchronous generator, more...
Sep9-08 01:45 PM
0 2,436
Hi Any body who can send me the link to a free low power sinewave transformer designing software and also of some...
Sep27-08 11:36 AM
Greg Bernhardt
1 10,464
Hi all, I am trying to solve numerically as well as model the electric field lines coming out of a electrode (not a...
Sep27-08 06:34 PM
1 1,403
I am electro-statically trapping particles for chemical and physical studies. I do not want to discuss the details of...
Sep28-08 05:52 PM
9 1,529
can anyone please post some notes about the flags?what does each one contain? please.. thanks!
Oct2-08 10:57 AM
1 3,098
Hi, I'm having a lot of trouble trying to set up a process for calibrating turbine flowmeters for use in fuel rigs....
Oct3-08 12:58 AM
2 1,921
Hi PF Designers, Wasn't too sure if this would belong in the Electrical engineering forum but here goes. I'm...
Oct6-08 09:34 AM
2 3,488
There is an advertisement that has a large 'pick-up' or SUV come to a stop, fold itself up around the driver, lower...
Oct9-08 07:09 AM
12 2,136
Basically, I am trying to cut out a vent for a fan. The vent feature of SW requires the vent to be on a single face,...
Oct10-08 04:09 AM
Steve Wright
11 6,396
Hi guys, I've a question regarding about CG calculation. Any kind soul pls help to advise.. Okay, I need to make...
Oct10-08 06:34 AM
4 4,474
so in transformer if we step up voltage,current is reduced and if we step down, current is increased based on...
Oct10-08 10:11 PM
3 4,423
Hi, I need to make a propeller using either soda bottle plastic or cardstock. I think I can come up with a mechanism...
Oct10-08 10:28 PM
1 8,393
I temporarily installed a demo of SW2008 on my PC and subsequently removed it after the trial period lapsed. I then...
Oct13-08 01:12 PM
Gord M
0 5,200
I am trying to build a system to activate a servo at a unspecified point in time when a machine and remote looses...
Oct13-08 03:46 PM
3 2,266
Can someone help on the following topic: Different types of tubing points (ASPT, CLPT, JBKT, INDF, INTP, SLVE,...
Oct14-08 12:01 PM
1 1,508
I love Gizmag, and they've presented a challenge. (Actually, Honda presented it; Gizmag is passing it on.) The link...
Oct17-08 04:17 PM
6 2,345
Hello everyone, I want to focus IR on a small rectangular area using a Fresnel lens. I tried trial and error to...
Oct18-08 09:28 AM
4 3,404
Ok, everyone knows what an electromagnet is--the most obvious example being wire coils around a nail through which a...
Oct21-08 05:31 PM
2 1,865
i am a student in high school. and i want to ask someone about the basics of solar energy. i want to create a solar...
Oct24-08 02:11 PM
2 7,722
Any one else involved with this? First robotics I am mentoring for my daughters high school team, we are...
Oct26-08 04:30 PM
6 2,741
I am designing a sliding vane rotary compressor for a supercharger application on a small horsepower engine, but I am...
Oct28-08 06:55 PM
1 10,931
Hi, i'm Brand new to the Forums. I'm not sure this is the right forum. This may belong more under "experimental...
Oct30-08 03:33 PM
2 13,171
Dear All, I have received 2D drawings of Tube Fitting Parts. I need to create the model and assign the properties....
Nov7-08 08:09 PM
3 1,865

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