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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Aug17-14 02:07 AM
16 12,953
Dear all - I am new here so please be gentle :smile: I have searched the site for a few days but alas still have a...
Apr13-12 09:19 AM
0 2,244
I have created a mock up of a humidity chamber which i will soon be integrating into a temperature chamber for...
Apr14-12 01:55 PM
Ben Jamin
2 2,833
Hi, I built a device and I got some data in volts at different wavelenghts. I am planning to apply beer's law in...
Apr17-12 02:31 PM
0 1,711
Hello I am trying to start a small home business making soap. I am on a really tight budget and also very new to...
Apr18-12 09:12 AM
1 2,102
Can we be able to calculate the compressibility factor of a Mixture of gases experimentally, If we can then how , e.g....
Apr18-12 09:48 PM
0 2,241
hi everybody, so I'm working on a project where I'm trying to measure raindrop parameters, and one thing I'm...
Apr20-12 07:54 AM
1 2,080
Hi guys. I'm *attempting to make* an archimedes screw for my engineering project. The only stipulations for this...
Apr22-12 05:27 PM
4 4,399
Dear All, Can someone give a specific answer to the question 'What is advantage of using Cast steel over Cast Iron...
Apr23-12 08:24 AM
2 3,355
We need to design an archimedes screw turbines to power a pump of 80 watts. Any tips to design this? I have...
Apr23-12 11:57 AM
10 3,552
Looking to figure out the allowable stress (psi) of a shaft which has two pin holes in it on the transverse axis of...
Apr24-12 05:40 AM
1 5,182
The three pole regulator is at The arrows around the coils indicate...
Apr27-12 12:56 PM
0 1,471
Hello all can anyone advise me if i am doing this right, i have a 3m bar supported at both ends at 1m in 5kn and 2m in...
Apr27-12 03:21 PM
1 2,305
Hi! I really want to know how evaporator is made. i mean it is impossible to made by casting process, but i also not...
Apr27-12 10:42 PM
2 2,468
I have to create a design to mount a steel (yield=250MPa) weight 100kg and thickness of 15 mm to aluminum plate (Yield...
Apr29-12 12:33 AM
0 1,174
Hey, I am new to this forum hoping that I can get some help with a project. I also hope to be accepted as a new...
May1-12 01:19 AM
3 4,715
hi, in ASME http:// cstools.asme. org/csconnect/PDF/R453.PDF formula (36), (37), (38) is thicknes of the pipeline...
May2-12 08:35 AM
0 1,347
Do any of you design engineers or informed laymen know why progressive tint window glass like that found in eyeglasses...
May3-12 06:38 AM
13 9,677
Hi all. I don't know if I have posted this in the right section, but I am hoping someone might be able to lend me a...
May3-12 06:04 PM
north of 60
129 53,353
Hey guys can anybody help me finding a software for video tutorial? I will me more thankful if anybody suggest me...
May3-12 10:47 PM
2 1,838
Hello, I have to find the transfer function of a given model (matlab). My task is to determine this function, by...
May5-12 11:02 AM
2 1,869
My state (NJ) is offering rebates of $1.75 per solar watt installed up to 10000 watts ($17,500 max) Feds are giving...
May5-12 04:12 PM
208 43,033
I am using arduino and accelerometer MMA7341 to measure the acceleration in x direction of an oscillating metal table....
May5-12 09:43 PM
1 2,177
Hallo everyone! I'd like to build a simple generator for a project. Like this picture here: ...
May6-12 11:45 PM
7 3,057
Hey guys, 1. basically im using the silvaco athena and i got some code to make the solar cell simulation. and my...
May7-12 07:21 AM
3 3,123
Hi, I need to build an oscilating screen of about a4 size. The screen needs to be made from 1mm thick acrylic and be...
May9-12 08:16 PM
2 2,063
Hello, I am trying to implement a kalman filter to process data from three gyros (x, y, z) and three...
May11-12 12:36 PM
0 2,706
I am trying to find a good reference that goes through in detail to derive the equations that govern the vibration of...
May14-12 06:47 PM
0 1,891
HI, What are the material that can act like jelly in vacuum of space?
May16-12 11:19 AM
0 1,348
For a transfer function of G(s) = 100 / (s(s+5)), I'm having trouble finding the initial magnitude in dB. It's a type...
May17-12 08:53 AM
1 3,146
Electronics for physicists. Second yearers. I need a book that easily explains as listed in our course, diodes...
May19-12 09:22 AM
M. next
0 1,606
I should say that while I've taken some physics courses, I should probably be considered a layman or hack as I haven't...
May24-12 03:12 PM
7 2,442
a steel wire has an span of 800 meters,with weight of 1.44 kilograms per meter. how to determine then the actual...
May25-12 01:41 PM
2 1,709
Hi all, I have a MIMO system which I have developed in Simulink and I have also work out the Model predictive control...
May26-12 06:00 PM
2 2,186
Hi all, I am working a design project for a geotechnical engineering subject and it goes as follows: A 6 storey...
May29-12 11:00 AM
5 3,120
Hello Master, How to find the pressure can use for spring?..I uses 4 spring and need to desing the equipment to...
May29-12 09:32 PM
0 1,302
Hi, im looking to design a gearbox that outputs 200Nm from an input of 0.25-0.3Nm. My question is which gear train...
May29-12 10:41 PM
1 1,972
Can someone explain me how the electrons flow from power plants to our homes when they change their directions all the...
May31-12 01:30 PM
0 1,274
I'm new to the forum, and will much appreciate your advice. Looking to build a cheap water detector, that will not...
May31-12 09:03 PM
4 1,399
I am designing my own Charpy impact testing machine and I am unsure what would be the best as well as relatively...
Jun1-12 12:48 PM
2 2,157
Why/How does a linear oscillator give >>>sinusoidal<<< output? I am basically confused how the sinusoidal signal...
Jun2-12 06:51 AM
2 2,365

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