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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Aug17-14 02:07 AM
16 12,999
Looking for a good model for calculating air flow through a venturi from the differential pressure. I know about using...
Mar12-09 08:39 AM
1 1,562
I am designing these brackets on a ventilation system to hold filters that my company stocks regularly. The vent is...
Aug6-10 10:31 AM
1 1,801
Hi I'm new, so I hope this goes in the rite place and i hope this doesn't sound too vague. I've been thinking of...
May17-07 07:07 PM
4 3,464
Hi ! i'm civil engineering student and i was trying to find some things on net about Mikhail Andreevich Velikanov...
Dec26-04 05:58 AM
0 1,195
Hi, What exactly are the things in vehicles that display different attributes of the vehicle called? Like for...
Nov14-13 12:02 AM
7 2,915
I'm trying to model a vertical axis wind turbine with the double-multiple streamtube model (with Matlab), where wind...
Jul20-11 04:05 AM
Kelju Ivan
0 2,165
Hi Is there a VAWT with the following parameters 1. output power 50 KW 2. system width ...
Sep17-12 02:52 PM
2 5,741
hello folks, I am in mechanical stream & am working on a project of VAWT of power 300 watt. I found a link where i...
Jul23-13 11:26 PM
12 3,710
Hi, For a mouse trap car that is traveling about 10ft in the least amount of time, is it advisable to use wheels...
Dec8-10 05:19 PM
jack action
4 2,843
I m making a project on Variable Compression Ratio (VCR)engine and hav got some ideas for attaining Variable...
Oct26-07 10:24 AM
11 4,174
Hello folks. I'm a physics major, but have recently become more interested in engineering. I've been playing around...
Jun2-10 10:03 AM
1 1,364
Hi all, Right, this may be a bit hard to explain but I'll do my best. Hopefully attached is a sketch of the...
May31-10 05:10 PM
3 1,793
Hello! I have a vacuum vessel / distiller type of vessel with following:- Temperature inside the vessel max....
Nov3-09 01:22 AM
0 3,854
What is the efect of the permanent magnetic field in a Penning gauge on the outside environment (meaning my vacuum...
Aug30-06 05:17 AM
5 5,485
What about using water as fuel in Automobiles, recently I've seen in local TV channel of our country, Genepax Co Ltd...
Jun30-08 10:02 AM
6 4,151
I would like to use a ventura type of setup to induce/atomize oxygen into water. I have a pond that gets clearer...
Jun2-12 11:40 AM
2 1,458
Hey, Currently working on a project which require the usage of ANSYS and i am wondering if anyone has notes or know...
Oct22-07 05:46 AM
1 4,263
I'm interested in nanotubes, and buckyball combos. I imagine playing with the a buckyball toy, and a nanotube toy,...
Dec28-13 04:21 PM
1 1,319
Hello, I am using the GUI for drawing 3 layers with a cut-out surface to simulate the stress on application of a...
Apr30-10 11:37 AM
0 1,161
Hi, I am new to the forum. I am an engineering designer and I work for myself at I am...
Mar6-12 11:32 AM
0 1,511
Hi, I'm looking into the possibility of making a small steam-engine, with focus on simplicity and low water-loss....
Sep21-07 08:08 PM
11 8,680
I would like to measure the deflection of a horizontal plane from at rest to full deflection with an approximately 50...
Oct5-10 09:53 AM
Peter Mattern
0 2,288
There was a somewhat similar post regarding raising the PSI of a compressor but it doesn't provide an answer to this...
Dec3-13 01:59 PM
2 1,571
Does anyone out there know of a US based source or distributor for high capacity lithium batteries? 100Ah, 200Ah? 3...
Oct10-12 07:48 PM
1 1,238
I really need help fast. I need to design a mechanism which has to be placed inside a can. The purpose of the...
Sep20-07 07:29 PM
19 2,456
Hallo everyone! I am currently using Maxwell 3D v11 and have done a parametric analysis. But when I try to export...
Jan21-08 09:33 AM
0 1,622
I am attempting to make a plan for the re-development of a residential and commercial area, in a medium sized city. ...
Nov6-12 05:48 PM
1 1,529
Can anyone tell me how much upward force a boat (say 24 feet x 8 feet, weighing 4000 lbs) exerts as it rises 1 foot on...
May28-09 07:13 AM
4 1,627
Hi guys. I'm wondering if someone could explain why when trying to make a 3 bit up/down counter using T flip flops,...
Jun27-12 06:41 PM
2 2,239
I am currently taking a Unit Operations course. The book and the instructor both refer to a unit, g mol (gram mol). ...
Jan28-05 03:33 PM
4 49,641
Hi! I'm doing my master thesis about designing a offshore wind turbine tower for subarctic conditions and I have a...
Aug13-12 08:34 AM
6 7,460
Hi, I have an ups used for my PC. I have just replaced his faulty battery and checked the output on battery operation...
Jan9-11 03:07 PM
1 2,008
Hi all, I'm taking a Structures course in University and are learning about Freebody diagrams and figuring out...
Oct26-09 01:33 PM
4 28,496
Hello everyone. I'm sure there is a really good reason as to why this hasn't been done yet but I just wanted to ask...
Apr23-14 02:51 AM
5 1,628
I am attempting to understand the 200mV configuration of th icl7107 (fig 1) in the datsheet attached. My question is...
May19-09 01:08 PM
2 2,806
What is the good efficiency of a product? How do you understand the term "good effiency"?
Jun27-05 01:00 PM
6 3,304
Hi Physics Forum-ers, long time reader, first time poster. I've been given the task to do a simulation for the...
Aug18-10 03:23 PM
0 1,861
I am familiar with the idea of pump head and system pressure losses, pump curves etc. However, a friend was asking...
Sep3-13 11:59 AM
2 1,784
Hello everyone, I appreciate any help you can provide me in this project. Here is what I need to know... How...
Jan19-10 04:29 PM
3 3,091
Recently i got an offer from a company which asked for finite element analysis and design of ultrasonic welded...
Jul26-05 04:22 AM
1 3,513

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