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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Feb15-14 02:05 AM
14 8,224
Although optical fibres do not break easily, is it possible to bend the optical fibre too much that light that travels...
Jun1-10 10:25 PM
12 7,268
Hi all, Right, this may be a bit hard to explain but I'll do my best. Hopefully attached is a sketch of the...
May31-10 05:10 PM
3 1,680
Hello, I am working on making an Excel work book to aid in figuring out pressure drops in a system. I am trying to...
May27-10 09:44 PM
1 4,265
I understand the general aspects of how a hard disk drives works. I have gone deeper and have learned about the...
May26-10 08:11 PM
3 947
I want to interface pic 16f876a with the WIZ811MJ using the SPI mode. I am using CSS C compiler. I will be very glad...
May26-10 11:10 AM
0 1,692
I have attached a word document showing an image and some typed out simple calculations. I am working on an oil...
May26-10 10:15 AM
0 2,652
Greeting, I am working on a solar tracker and I considering a stationary heat exchanger to aid in ease of fabrication...
May25-10 03:54 PM
0 989
Good Day, I have the task of rerofitting an AC inverter that controls the long travel on a crane at a shipping...
May25-10 08:09 AM
0 2,396
Presently Am try to design a USB to UART,485& 232 board, in that Am using FTDI USB to UART converter, In the FTDI data...
May21-10 04:01 PM
1 6,825
I have a concept for an airfoil that might be capable of providing vertical take-off and hovering (as well as forward...
May21-10 11:32 AM
30 3,509
How many LED's are in a typical LED monitor? For example, how many in a 20in vs. in a 24in, etc? Thanks
May21-10 06:21 AM
9 5,679
Hi Our company is planning to setup a scheffler system to evaporate 9 lakh liters of "waste water" per day. I...
May21-10 01:30 AM
3 7,145
i need chopper farmole plz send all detail and diagram stepdown stepup
May20-10 12:56 PM
2 962
Dear Experts, I am trying to built an electronics controller for a high power DC motor. I have done small powered...
May19-10 02:59 PM
Ken Freeman
3 1,208
Am looking to build a solar tunnel that would not only redirect solar visible light radiation, but also heat, with...
May19-10 01:49 AM
2 1,955
Hi all, I want to get Frequency Response Functions from ANSYS software. Can any one give me a guideline? Thank you.
May18-10 01:13 AM
4 1,471
hi, my grad. project is automated filling machine and am gonna use a gravity liquid (water) filler tank ... my...
May16-10 06:24 PM
5 6,593
Im trying to find a formula(s) that link current to resistance to the heat produced by the resistance, simaliar to a...
May16-10 01:50 PM
3 1,586
anyone know a value for the coefficient of friction of wood on rubber? rhys
May16-10 10:17 AM
1 3,067
Hello, I am in the beginning of sizing all the components in the powertrain and really need your help; I am...
May14-10 02:18 PM
0 1,522
please help me ,i have a project which i m not easy with can anyone help me in designing a a vapor compression cycle...
May14-10 02:14 PM
2 2,424
Had a bad day at work and my design for a spark generator failed, so I'm asking for help. My requirements: To...
May14-10 03:23 AM
1 2,248
So my mind tends to wander, but I was thinking... since active/passive sonar is used to detect objects underwater,...
May10-10 08:55 AM
2 3,926
hi ! basically i need help in simulink plotting the output can anyone help i have attached the output desireed for...
May7-10 08:26 PM
2 3,106
I recently acquired by accident a 750 watt DC to AC power inverter, designed for powering AC appliances off of a car...
May7-10 08:22 PM
8 2,942
any body who can tell me how to calculate the values of resistors and capacitors in single pole double throw circuit?
May7-10 05:19 PM
5 1,778
I have a question regarding what material type and thickness could support a given load most cost effectively. Weight...
May6-10 04:22 PM
8 7,760
Hello guys, I just want to know how to heat & temper Steel/Iron at home. I can find the material easy I guess. I...
May6-10 03:58 PM
18 19,740
Hi, I am a final year student whos doing engineering and my final year project involves designing a track system which...
May4-10 05:59 PM
0 2,169
guys i have to design a water suppy system for my fire class for a neighbor hood size of my choice i dont even know...
May4-10 04:37 PM
2 946
Hi As an assignment for uni, we had to design and build a derrick crane. After having designed it on catia, i've...
May4-10 02:25 PM
2 1,438
Hi I have a question about piezoelectric actuators. I'm not an engineer and have no experience with actuators, but...
May4-10 05:24 AM
9 4,229
Full Disclosure: This is coursework I study Electronics and Software Engineering, but due to my university not...
May4-10 05:09 AM
0 1,415
Hello I have attached the sheet that describes the problem. This is supposed to be simulated in matlab first with...
May3-10 12:07 PM
6 1,784
I want to get the maximum overshoot for a system whose steady state output is zero (the output is the deviation from...
Apr30-10 12:22 PM
2 2,476
Hello, I am using the GUI for drawing 3 layers with a cut-out surface to simulate the stress on application of a...
Apr30-10 11:37 AM
0 1,107
Hello! I asked my question in "Computer / Software" tread, but no one was able to help me, so I`l try asking here.....
Apr30-10 11:00 AM
Filip Larsen
1 1,335
Hello, I am new to ansys. I am trying to model two layers adhered to each other and a force being applied to the...
Apr26-10 04:57 PM
3 3,169
Hello again folks :smile: This thread is regarding the Finite difference scheme for a 1-dimensional Heat transfer...
Apr26-10 03:58 PM
7 6,378
Hey, So as part of a experiment I am curious to be able to measure the resistance of a wire as I joule heat it...
Apr21-10 11:20 AM
4 2,144

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