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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Aug17-14 02:07 AM
16 13,012
These 'laws' were compiled by Dr. Dave Akin, head of the Space Science Lab at University of Maryland. While the...
Sep28-03 10:48 AM
3 3,963
Hi all. I have a question. How do you show the difference between stress (pressure) and force? We were given 2 short...
Oct3-03 11:56 AM
1 9,298
First, let me introduce the situation: I'm an undergraduate physics major taking a course in Experimental Physics. ...
Oct3-03 07:27 PM
7 10,943
Any engineering major at any engineering school in the US must take a course entitled Introduction to Engineering...
Oct8-03 10:32 AM
Tom Mattson
1 7,568
How is Systems Engineering different from Mechatronics Engineering?
Oct8-03 07:09 PM
5 2,455
In hydronic system design, which do you think is better and why, placing the balancing valve on the equipment supply...
Oct15-03 04:22 PM
0 3,047
Hello everyone, I have a little practical question. I would like to create a weight of about 10kg-250kg. A software...
Oct30-03 09:17 PM
23 4,615
These are exciting times in the AEC technology industry. After decades of being dominated by 2D CAD technology that...
Nov6-03 09:40 PM
2 2,517
The diagram for this quesion is at The first thing that i did was that...
Nov7-03 10:19 PM
2 6,946
Hi I was wondering if anyone knew of any good tutorials on modelling control systems - I have to convert a RCL...
Nov19-03 11:54 PM
2 6,900
Hi If you have asymptote approximations of a Bode plot - do you just find the vector sum of each asymptote to...
Nov25-03 01:54 PM
1 6,127
I was wondering if anyon could help me out. You have a conical tank with a top diameter of 1m, going down to an...
Nov29-03 08:05 PM
3 7,918
I'm probably posting in the wrong area, but where can i find the Modulus for different type of steel? Is there any...
Dec7-03 02:16 AM
2 2,912
I have a multi component system, containing rotation of several linked elements, along with a linked rolling...
Dec31-03 04:39 PM
1 4,816
My question is simple: Do you think it is possible to design a revolutionary innovation by using low technology.
Jan9-04 09:42 PM
2 2,535
Who, in your opinion, is the person most important for coordinating our world's technology?
Jan26-04 01:46 AM
7 3,137
I'm trying to decide if it's worth my time to make my undergraduate GPA super high My cumulative won't get much...
Jan28-04 12:16 PM
2 3,133
hello everybody, i would like to have an open discussion with everybody here about the analytical model for linear PM...
Feb15-04 11:20 PM
Nice coder
1 7,933
I am trying to calculate the force and velocity of a primary and secondary suspension. I know the damping constant of...
Feb18-04 03:15 PM
2 11,871
Russ, or any of the rest of you mechanical engineers out there, ever use something called an "Energy recovery heat...
Feb20-04 03:39 PM
12 6,497
Is it possible for us to make a functional model of the human brain? I'm not interested in the phylosophical...
Mar9-04 10:01 PM
43 6,325
Will u plz help me in telling me how do hydraulic doble-acting pumps work EXACTLY and the explanation of the spools...
Mar29-04 01:45 PM
1 3,311
Ok. This thread may border on similarity to the brain thread, but I thought I'd start fresh. I would just like...
Apr5-04 02:50 PM
11 2,796
I am looking into building a hovercraft, but i have virtually no idea where to begin. I could use a bit of help. ...
Apr17-04 04:06 AM
3 3,413
With all these cars traveling at high speeds down our highways and streets, it could be very well possible to...
May3-04 11:47 AM
7 4,057
Hi, I am unsure which forum is most appropriate for this query but i'll start here. I am interested in building...
May6-04 11:49 AM
5 5,375
Well, I've been interested in lasers for quite a while-- but the FEL is really what fascinates me. I haven't been able...
May18-04 07:37 PM
0 2,158
How can I introduce a voltage controlled variable delay in the path of a mono-chromatic light beam? That is, how can I...
May19-04 03:30 PM
10 3,473
Does anyone know any equations that can be used to figure out how far matter can be blown through a section piece of...
May20-04 06:05 AM
1 2,435
How difficult would it be to create a circuit that uses 3 mechanical switches as inputs to light up 8 LEDs for the...
May21-04 05:24 PM
Kenneth Mann
13 19,785
Building a homemade computer case, designed mainly for silence. General theory is computers generate heat, fighting...
May27-04 11:06 PM
5 12,216
can you help? I have a restaurant exhaust fan with a drive pulley of 2" and a shaft pulley on the fan of 7 and 3/4...
May31-04 06:31 PM
Arctic Fox
2 17,396
Hi I am looking for any tutorials in how to plot a time response plot from a z-plane transfer function For...
Jun1-04 06:19 AM
4 5,556
In my youth the local Sears store used an air hose blowing upward to suspend a beachball in the air, as an...
Jun5-04 02:36 PM
2 3,184
i want to automatize a process that uses 4 programs and 1 web pages so it has more than 5 steps that repeats...
Jun10-04 05:05 PM
4 2,040
I'm looking for software to simulate interaction between electro-magnetic radiation and crystaline structures....
Jun18-04 02:31 PM
0 1,962
Hi Can I Find A Complet Website ... Including All About ( PULLEY & BELT ) System ... I Mean - Formulas Of Finding...
Jun19-04 02:26 PM
1 1,426
The craft, called Space Ship One (SS1), also become the first such craft to break the sound barrier, reaching a top...
Jun22-04 07:15 PM
2 2,212
How we can decide the center distance between to pulleys ( V-Belt ) ? Can We Decide that center Freely as we want...
Jun28-04 03:59 PM
0 1,907
How I can design any shaft for any purpose ... ? How I should start designing ... ? What is the formulas that I...
Jun28-04 04:10 PM
0 5,802

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