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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
May5-14 09:43 AM
15 11,200
Hi Physics Forum-ers, long time reader, first time poster. I've been given the task to do a simulation for the...
Aug18-10 03:23 PM
0 1,823
hi, everyone. i need to convert my 10 dbm,170 GHz signal in to -1 dbm,170 GHz. so which kind of attenuator is best...
Aug18-10 04:10 PM
5 1,811
Does anyone know how to work out the desired torque needed to grind with a 20mm wheel running at 2000 RPM. If there...
Aug19-10 01:52 AM
M Kneebone
0 1,209
After quite a bit of searching I have had little sucess finding specs or sources of buying just the scroll compressor...
Aug19-10 04:21 PM
21 7,395
Hi all I was searching the web to clarify a conceptual issue regarding the wavefront map in Zemax optical design...
Aug20-10 11:34 PM
2 5,293
i'm having a problem to design a humidifier system in a submersible. can anyone solve this problem please?
Aug23-10 09:48 PM
3 1,725
I have a 400A (125VDC) charger that feeds a battery bank and a few DC panels (critical). This poor design has the...
Aug24-10 03:32 PM
0 1,593
When the weibull shape parameter beta is <1, the pdf is divergent at t=0 due to negative exponent of beta -1. With...
Aug24-10 09:44 PM
1 1,824
Hi everyone, i want to operate spectrum analyzer by pc or laptop. Is there such interface of spectrum analyzer and...
Aug27-10 07:56 AM
12 3,856
I am trying to develop a btu calculator for my solar thermal water heater. I would eventually like to use labview to...
Aug31-10 09:31 PM
1 2,888
Hello all, i have some acceleration value s in each axis(x,y,z) i want to calculate the acceleration and...
Sep4-10 01:56 AM
1 2,043
Hi guys I am into construction things, I have learned to construct many things now i am into propellers so can anyone...
Sep6-10 05:42 PM
Bob S
1 2,068
I'm a new user of Maxwell 3D with a few questions. How do I draw polyhedrons that are not regular? How do I draw...
Sep6-10 11:24 PM
0 970
hi, why the prize of spectrum analyzer increase with increase in it's measuring frequency range? which part of SA...
Sep9-10 03:47 AM
0 1,103
i have problem to understand the concept of process control system... anyone can help me to find source or link...
Sep9-10 11:33 AM
1 1,444
I am tasked to design an orifice plate to be inserted into a water tunnel in an experiment and do a research on the...
Sep11-10 12:15 AM
2 1,820
I have a multistage coil gun. and i was wondering how exactly do u connect the coils together. lol i thought u take...
Sep13-10 01:09 AM
3 1,926
I am looking at this building and wondering how building torsion is resisted as well as what role the roof diaphragm...
Sep15-10 12:16 PM
1 1,634
Hi all, recently im building a switch field magnetic generator for testing. However, I experienced strong back torque...
Sep15-10 07:52 PM
0 1,934
I am working on a design for a human operated technological exploration suit. I have the energy supply worked out and...
Sep19-10 03:11 AM
7 2,226
Well the next step in my coilgun is a decent power source i every camera circuit that i use is burned up so i thought...
Sep20-10 11:47 AM
Bob S
2 3,138
Hi, Im currently doing an assignment where i have to design a water reticulating system for a small suburb. I...
Sep22-10 12:41 AM
8 28,665
Hi, I am wondering if there is any guideline and examples of design and analysis according to EN13445.
Sep23-10 02:29 PM
1 4,465
While doing some visitor tracking in this CAD blog, I came across with a search query “how to change dimension text”...
Sep27-10 10:24 AM
0 3,945
Is it possible to power an entire house by an HHO generator?
Sep27-10 12:29 PM
4 1,441
Hi everyone, I am in the process of putting together a water feature and am having trouble selecting the correct pump...
Oct1-10 09:08 AM
0 7,820
I need one variable attenuator which can be operated on D band(110-170GHz) but the main need is the device should...
Oct1-10 11:56 AM
1 1,238
Hi Everybody, This is my first post here, and I hope I'm in the right place for my question... I have a small...
Oct1-10 11:58 AM
1 2,180
hello everyone. This question is about moment's of inertia. This is my question. If you take a aeroplane. Does...
Oct3-10 01:16 AM
0 1,441
imagine that someone wants to understand how to create a material as strong, as flexibel as...a "net to catch a...
Oct3-10 01:40 PM
12 2,763
I was wondering how you could turn an RC aircraft out to a water bomber?? I thought of installing a container in the...
Oct4-10 01:58 PM
3 1,473
How to create revolution surface using parametric function in maple or matlab? The parametric equation is given by ...
Oct4-10 11:59 PM
0 1,684
I am interested if current laser technology exists such that a small laser can be made that emits non-visible light,...
Oct5-10 02:17 AM
2 1,705
I would like to measure the deflection of a horizontal plane from at rest to full deflection with an approximately 50...
Oct5-10 09:53 AM
Peter Mattern
0 2,240
Hi all, Im currently working on a project that requires me to continuously measure the density and thickness of a...
Oct11-10 11:30 AM
1 2,123
Hi I am an artist blacksmith student and am looking at building a gate that incorporates engineering mechanisms and am...
Oct11-10 12:23 PM
1 893
Can we built the small passenger car body using ANY WOOD which is STRONGER and CHEAPER? If so, name the wood.
Oct11-10 02:22 PM
18 8,087
Design the three cable support system for a radio tower of height 25 m. This includes specifying the radius R of the...
Oct12-10 02:10 AM
1 3,539
I am looking into calculating the weld bead strength. I am unsure of calculating the shear stress..the attachment has...
Oct14-10 12:15 PM
1 1,982
I have an concept electric car, i calculated it will need 15,000 Wh stored in batterys to operate over its required...
Oct18-10 12:25 PM
63 14,918

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