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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Aug17-14 02:07 AM
16 12,993
Greetings to all and all the best wishes for 2012. I need to model a laser beam (which is supergaussian, top hat...
Jan18-12 08:55 AM
0 2,437
Hi, I am new to this forum to ask for advice: I have shown experimentally that a very well known material offers...
Jan20-12 02:27 AM
4 2,296
Hi all, Sorry if this seems trivial but I think I may have managed to confuse myself and could do with some help. ...
Jan23-12 02:17 PM
7 2,040
Hi fellows; we used the gas turbine from solar inc. A catterpillar company model centaur 4502 and 4702.i am...
Jan26-12 11:33 AM
11 16,501
can the PLL achieve phase lock and not frequency lock? and can the PLL achieve frequency lock and not phase lock? ...
Jan28-12 03:09 AM
7 4,382
I am considering applying spray-on acoustic/popcorn ceilings to reduce the noise level in my house. I haven't found...
Jan28-12 09:16 PM
1 3,330
Hi. Situation: A pipe with a cut out so it will break when a shear force is exerted at the top of the pipe. The...
Jan30-12 04:55 PM
2 3,034
Can someone please shed some light on the exact method for finding the two points at which the spheres created by the...
Jan31-12 02:59 PM
1 2,878
Hi guys, Would you help me in finding how Laplace transform is done for equation (1) in the attached image?...
Feb3-12 12:56 AM
2 1,973
I would like to do some audio programming for a school project, but I'm not sure how a computer processes audio and...
Feb3-12 06:56 PM
2 2,232
Hi there, I am not an engineer but i do have scientific background. It is just a long time since i did any...
Feb5-12 07:06 AM
4 3,303
I am designing a Bale loading machine to load Small rectangular bales of 25kg. The machine will be driven by its...
Feb5-12 08:40 PM
8 2,574
Hey guys, i'm making a test jig that needs to simulate a train caliper. The test jig consist of an arm that rotates 90...
Feb7-12 07:08 PM
2 2,540
Hello, I have been obsessed with PID control concept and i want to notice you my doubt here. PID...
Feb8-12 10:09 AM
Ivan Seeking
1 1,619
Hello, I am a complete novice and would like to build a simple closed loop rankine cycle that generate electricy,...
Feb11-12 05:38 AM
2 3,700
Hello all, Upon stumbling the forum during research I noticed some very helpful posts, and joined. This is my...
Feb12-12 07:03 PM
3 1,768
I'm making a portable generator box, and I'm currently designing the baffles. The design is quite similar to this:...
Feb13-12 11:05 AM
1 1,921
Hello, I'm a student of mechanical engineer and currently doing a project on "fabricating a torsion test...
Feb13-12 12:04 PM
jim hardy
4 2,363
I'm looking to use the MAX31855 thermocouple-to-digital converter, to measure temperatures in the range of 0-350C. ...
Feb14-12 10:40 PM
0 1,832
Hi, I have a problem in Workbench. I must to do simulation weld process. I see it like this: in Mechalical I have...
Feb15-12 08:46 AM
0 1,518
I hope someone can help me. I'm designing a building for uni that requires several lifts (elevators) which transfer...
Feb18-12 09:11 PM
7 3,037
Hi people, I am designing a kalman filter to estimate the velocity of a vehicle model and I can't understand what...
Feb20-12 02:00 PM
0 1,737 theres the link in case anyone hasnt seen it already. pretty simple concept, and it...
Feb21-12 02:48 PM
31 9,539
Im planning to build a stone saw with a 36 inch blade and plan to use a hydraulic pump and motor to power the saw...
Feb22-12 08:22 AM
0 1,166
I have a query of supplying pumps namely electricity operating pump 500 GPM, 7 bar, diesel engine driven backup pump...
Feb22-12 05:13 PM
3 2,021
I just got a copy of Solid Works and I would like to know if anyone has any experience using this program. I have non...
Feb23-12 07:38 AM
8 5,153
Could someone tell me the fault in my design? Here is how I set it up: ...
Feb23-12 09:49 PM
3 2,307
Do tensile testing machines reduce the value of load in these regions? If yes, why? If no, what's happening in the...
Feb25-12 07:19 PM
4 2,417
Hello guys Im totally new to this stuff and looking forward to work on it please help if you could... I went to my...
Feb26-12 03:05 AM
10 2,537
I want to coat gold on the substate like ring watch, what is the suitable design reactor for this deposition. Thx
Feb26-12 10:43 AM
0 1,831
I am designing a Scissor Jack. I have been doing a lot of investigating. I would like to ask by what means of design...
Feb26-12 06:03 PM
1 4,939
Ok, maybe not actuator.. I need to decide between two types of solenoids? Not 100% on what they are called but i'll...
Feb26-12 11:12 PM
Guilty Spark
8 1,866
was just looking for some help from anyone who has some experience with hydraulic systems that maybe able to point me...
Feb29-12 09:54 AM
0 1,271
hello friends , i have made this circuit (amplitude modulator using ic-lm13700)in multisim....but i m not getting any...
Mar1-12 07:24 AM
0 1,840
i m designing a matlab code for detection of heart murmurs... i applied segmentation using wavelet decomposition and...
Mar2-12 12:01 AM
3 4,842
I'm designing a bucket pump for a water well I'll be attaching a pumpjack to. I'm just a regular shop guy so I was...
Mar3-12 04:25 PM
9 4,092
Hi all, I need a voltage to voltage converter design(circuit) from DC +/-5V to +/-15V Thanks...
Mar5-12 08:36 PM
9 2,478
Hi, I am new to the forum. I am an engineering designer and I work for myself at I am...
Mar6-12 11:32 AM
0 1,511
Hi, I have a problem with "ealive" command. I make weld process simulation and I must use Workbench to do it. In...
Mar8-12 11:07 AM
0 2,428
Hi This is my first time on this site and it looks great so far. It doesn't matter if it is 12v or 24v either...
Mar9-12 09:27 PM
2 1,417

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