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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Aug17-14 02:07 AM
16 12,965
Can someone explain me why dc motor is self starting differ of ac who is not self starting motor?
Jun2-12 11:38 AM
Bob S
1 1,425
I would like to use a ventura type of setup to induce/atomize oxygen into water. I have a pond that gets clearer...
Jun2-12 11:40 AM
2 1,458
OK, I'm designing an Open Source Kite Ring Generator. See for details. I have designed a system...
Jun2-12 03:23 PM
Roderick Read
12 2,901
Hey guys, I'm using Mathematica to plot some graphs and I'm having a bit of a hard time. First I have to solve...
Jun3-12 12:34 AM
0 1,090
Hi everyone I have a problem whereby I need to calculate the time to fill and then deflate a catheter balloon. This...
Jun5-12 03:39 PM
12 2,495
i just wanted to know the difference of the flanges to BS EN 1092-2, BS 4504, BS 4505, BS 4722 and BS 4772. will the...
Jun6-12 01:58 AM
3 19,150
One cubic metre of water is placed under an absolute pressure of 7000 kPa. Calculate the volume at this pressure. ...
Jun7-12 03:17 PM
1 1,292
Hello all, I am a mechanical engineering major who is fascinated with control theory. At my school you can...
Jun8-12 02:09 PM
1 2,218
hi, i'm make a welding process in ansys in apdl and i have got a problem with error: error contest: A section...
Jun8-12 07:39 PM
0 1,509
Hi, I have been using CoventorWare(Designer and Analyzer module) to model a MEMS structure with GOLD material.Is...
Jun10-12 12:40 PM
0 1,404
Hello Everyone, If I were to blast off my model rocket from a weather balloon what altitude would it reach? I...
Jun11-12 08:31 AM
10 3,253
Hi, from where can I download engineering material data for structural steel in range of temperature 20 deg C -...
Jun12-12 02:03 AM
5 2,142
I have an interest in learning about taking existing automobile components and turning them into parts made from...
Jun14-12 10:37 AM
8 1,617
Hey Guys, I need help understanding how to find the deflection of the following cantilever beam (in the image:...
Jun16-12 06:54 AM
16 3,628
Hello guys, I have a platform having weight of 1 Ton. There is a load on platform having approximately same weight...
Jun19-12 02:54 AM
0 1,949
Hello this is me first post on here i dont know if this would be the right section but I'm trying to design and build...
Jun19-12 03:13 PM
2 2,261
Hello, I am new to using Maxwell and I can not find a good tutorial anywhere. I am trying model an axial flux...
Jun25-12 09:35 AM
12 2,955
Hi, first time poster here- not college educated, as my handle suggest ... Just a regular guy :) I was reading "The...
Jun25-12 10:32 PM
4 1,349
i need a help to obtain transfer function for a tank, where a heater is placed. the liquid temperature should be...
Jun25-12 11:10 PM
1 1,591
Hello to all. I'm new here and am doing 3D simulation of magnet-clutch and im just try to set 2 Band.The inside...
Jun26-12 04:01 AM
0 963
I've been long looking for some better software. I haven't previously paid, but I'm prepared to pay a small amount...
Jun26-12 05:51 PM
1 1,332
Hello! So I've been working on a project to couple a 15 bar diode stack into a 600 micron fiber. Using an old...
Jun26-12 07:35 PM
10 3,015
Hi guys. I'm wondering if someone could explain why when trying to make a 3 bit up/down counter using T flip flops,...
Jun27-12 06:41 PM
2 2,235
Hello friends, I am into modelling of electric hot water tank which is vertical and has the capacity of 120 litres....
Jun28-12 09:58 AM
0 1,207
Hello everybody, Can you guys please suggest me any kind of software which can accumulate the discrit value of a 3d...
Jun29-12 01:19 AM
0 957
It's is desired to determine a voltage to within one part in 300.what accuracy of the meter is required?
Jun29-12 08:14 AM
1 1,435
I would like to consider a little provlvthat have occured in my own house. I live in very old house whose water tubes...
Jul1-12 01:16 PM
15 2,419
Hello everyone, First, I'm sorry about my bad english, if something you don't understand correctly, please ask me, so...
Jul1-12 01:28 PM
2 3,885
Hopefully one of you guys can help me out.. I'm designing a burner that will run off powdered biofuel and I'm...
Jul2-12 07:15 AM
2 2,026
Hello All, I am interested in applying model reference adaptive control to a quadcopter that I am designing for my...
Jul3-12 07:35 AM
0 1,192
i am trying to debugg a program using avr atjtagice mk2, but after disconnecting it my program doesent work, only...
Jul4-12 08:48 AM
0 1,134
Hi All I have a requirement where i want my motor pump to start at 6 AM morning and OFF after certain level of my...
Jul5-12 04:30 AM
Simon Bridge
1 1,419
Scenario: Electric motor, 30 ftlb @ 300 rpm 6000 lb load (13200 N) fixed to "this" machine Motor drives a shaft...
Jul6-12 01:13 PM
2 1,800
Hello, My name is Jon Proietti and I am an intern at a digital signage company. We've been looking into the...
Jul9-12 01:01 PM
3 1,877
So I am trying to figure out how to wire a three phase generator. I understand the WYE connection, but I am stumped...
Jul10-12 04:12 AM
1 1,456
Hello, i am new to the forums here so forgive me if I have mistakenly started a matching thread that already exists. ...
Jul10-12 12:34 PM
1 1,781
So just some background info...I'm in a summer engineering program. We're all highschool students (with little to no...
Jul11-12 04:49 PM
3 1,914
I am working on a forced vib project involving a musical instruments I am trying to have the vibration of my...
Jul11-12 10:53 PM
6 1,785
Hey guys I am working on stress analysis for a pipeline and I need information on one of the pumps on site ,Gorman...
Jul12-12 09:30 AM
2 1,639
I'm trying to build a non-contact displacement sensor, sensitive to motion in the micrometer to millimeter range, for...
Jul12-12 10:53 PM
4 2,870

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