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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Aug17-14 02:07 AM
16 12,980
I have a set of measurements from a mobile phone that show the TRP for three frequencies. Is it possible to compute...
Mar22-06 04:43 PM
0 1,315
Help!!:surprised what are all the physics priciples behind making and using a manned submersible? what are all...
Mar23-06 07:44 PM
1 8,306
Hi Experts :smile: Finally I think I found the correct space to assist me from experts. I need urgent help from...
Mar23-06 08:53 PM
2 4,047
I am using this circuit below to charge a AA battery at the receiver's output. i think it should at least have some...
Mar25-06 10:38 PM
2 1,598
Hi All I'm trying to creater online racing game based on car physics. My car already running on the straight, but as...
Apr24-06 11:50 AM
3 9,282
I want to know the difference between Block diagram, Flowsheet and Flow diagram (in process engineering, especially in...
Apr29-06 12:13 PM
1 11,170
dear all What is the throttling Process? what is Joule homson Effect?
May8-06 10:59 PM
7 12,574
I have a few questions regarding measuring devices in systems such as ventilation, heating, cooling etc. When...
May9-06 11:24 PM
3 15,693
i start studying Finite element Methods any one who can help me on this subject, any good refrence book on this...
May10-06 02:55 AM
1 2,358
I'm just asking out of curiosity, and I'm just a first year engg it maybe non-senses.... In an...
May10-06 11:37 AM
5 1,606
ive been told boeing and nasa both proved this not to work, but im trying to find detailed diagrams on how it is built...
May13-06 10:49 PM
10 4,007
Oops! March 27, 2006 I have found this...
May18-06 02:48 AM
38 9,757
Hi all, The system is RS422 and need a RS422-to-RS232 converter to download source from the system to the RS232...
May28-06 11:13 AM
Mike Phan
0 8,150
I am no fan of doing away with human labour, but needs must, an (opperator) has to place a circular sponge into a pot...
Jun4-06 11:27 AM
30 3,030
How can you convert Mechanical energy into Considerable Heat Energy directly? The mecahnical energy has to be minimum....
Jun6-06 08:01 PM
7 1,942
Hello Genius guys, I am beginner in the field of electronics engineering.Well i am planning to make LED TRAFFIC...
Jun19-06 08:02 AM
4 2,077
Do anybody have any informations on the flux of sand filter system?Varying flux in varying diameter?
Jun24-06 06:57 AM
5 2,318
What are the characteristics of a good design and a bad design? How can we be a good design engineer? How many design...
Jun26-06 01:33 PM
5 4,171
Is good design one of the greatest factors of high-performance technological products?
Jun26-06 02:18 PM
2 1,961
Is it possible for a student who is not good at art to become a good engineering designer? How can we train ourselves...
Jul7-06 07:25 PM
6 3,547
Here is a new building in Spain. It's 36 meters flying on air over two compressed supports, and two cables. What do...
Jul10-06 08:53 PM
16 2,491
hey guys. i urgently need the Orcad Pspice software :( please if anyone has a link from which i can download the...
Jul16-06 02:55 AM
3 4,966
Not too long ago, there was a thread in the General Physics section (I think) where someone was asking about how large...
Jul28-06 11:35 AM
0 3,374
Is there a way to measure the temperature in an induction oven for melting of aluminium(700 C). The pyrometer Iím...
Aug3-06 04:13 AM
4 6,765
I have a glue pump system need to operate it by an electrical motor , so dont know how to choose the coupling...
Aug3-06 03:39 PM
1 1,690
Hi All, Here is my question regarding the solution of this little movie =>...
Aug9-06 06:34 AM
2 1,821
I am a high school student who always lose things.:redface: Thus it will be really helpful if I can create an item...
Aug20-06 09:32 PM
11 2,139
I feel like a fool having to ask this question here but i'm trying to learn this without calling engineering everytime...
Aug30-06 12:48 AM
6 12,673
What is the efect of the permanent magnetic field in a Penning gauge on the outside environment (meaning my vacuum...
Aug30-06 05:17 AM
5 5,485
Can any one tell me the forces i may expect to find with this intermitent mutilated gear drive system, it will be...
Sep24-06 03:49 PM
1 5,312
I want to build a foldable engine crane that can lift 2 ton of load. Can anyone tell me how to design it and draw a...
Sep26-06 10:08 AM
1 7,113
Hi, i have a question about UGS NX4 software is any of u guys know what kind of company that usually use this...
Oct2-06 10:16 AM
1 4,508
Hi, I just popped in to see if there are any budding young engineers here (hope I got the right forum) interested in...
Oct5-06 12:48 AM
8 2,676
hi to anyone and everyone. i am thinking of using a dry sump system, there is no kit available for my application, so...
Oct8-06 04:09 AM
7 4,656
Please help me in this problem... How to design a valve for gas stream? To be more spicific lets assume...
Oct16-06 09:40 AM
2 9,262
Is there such a thing? i have had a search but found nothing, i can think of a way that one would work, but i need one...
Oct18-06 12:37 AM
14 6,167
For an experiment I need to achieve a stable axis of permanent levitation. Due to how magnets function I can't exactly...
Oct18-06 12:41 AM
13 2,039
Greetings All, I am attempting to develop a software simulation of the dynamics involved in machine figuring...
Oct21-06 12:57 AM
13 6,355
Hello all, I am looking to build a small varible voltage regulator that I can control from the inside my vehichle,...
Oct23-06 04:03 PM
14 13,625
I have one year left in college and then I will graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Unfortunately, I...
Oct25-06 06:45 PM
9 6,776

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