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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Aug17-14 02:07 AM
16 12,628
If I need bolt holes drilled into a component and I have nuts available, is it ever necessary to have the machinist...
Jul21-12 08:27 AM
Sultan of Hel
3 2,686
I have a forging process that requires a round piece of steel (8620 hot rolled) 4" diam x 29" long to be heated to...
Jan6-12 11:30 AM
0 1,784
I have a multistage coil gun. and i was wondering how exactly do u connect the coils together. lol i thought u take...
Sep13-10 01:09 AM
3 1,954
Well the next step in my coilgun is a decent power source i every camera circuit that i use is burned up so i thought...
Sep20-10 11:47 AM
Bob S
2 3,176
Hello! So I've been working on a project to couple a 15 bar diode stack into a 600 micron fiber. Using an old...
Jun26-12 07:35 PM
10 2,978
I live in Dubai, and the water for my whole house is stored in a water tank on my roof. This is a problem as during...
Oct25-12 10:35 PM
11 6,541
Ok, I'm a little lost so if this subject is off topic for this forum then I appoligize. I am working on a modeling...
Sep4-04 05:58 PM
H-bar None
8 2,666
Hello everybody, Can you guys please suggest me any kind of software which can accumulate the discrit value of a 3d...
Jun29-12 01:19 AM
0 946
Hi Can some help me with some literature about how to calculate the deflection of a bimorph beam? Thanks
Oct22-09 07:53 AM
0 1,743
The diagram for this quesion is at The first thing that i did was that...
Nov7-03 10:19 PM
2 6,926
Hi guys! I'd like to have some help. I need to find the equation that Comsol use to calculate the principal strain...
Jul23-09 04:28 AM
0 1,886
I have an assignment to find out the transfer function for the dc motor. In order to get the transfer function for...
Jul12-07 06:50 AM
1 8,770
I have to design a lap fillet weld joining a plate to the top flange of an beam. There will be a force acting down on...
Apr5-08 05:21 PM
3 7,804
As I have been banned 3 times from PF for "continued promotion of personal theory", I am hesitant to begin this thread...
Oct26-10 02:22 PM
16 3,189
Hi All, I was given the challenge of building a high flow rate pump, but I haven't been able to find any resources...
May25-11 06:19 PM
0 2,542
Hi guys, I am currently doing a university project on the reliability studies of a a-Si thin-film solar cell with...
Aug26-09 09:22 AM
1 3,897
Hi everyone, I want to measure the flow rate of air bubbles under water for a leakage test of air brake chambers. I...
Oct26-09 06:49 AM
dr dodge
4 3,793
hello. I am asked to give a lecture on double pipe heat exchanger . I have studied books like process heat transfer...
Jul21-14 03:09 PM
1 777
Hey everyone I am having problems with a pulley system. I think that my motor is too fast now I am not sure if that...
Jun5-13 10:51 PM
5 2,136
Hey guys I am working on a safety system for the brake system and I am looking for a detent switch that can be used...
Sep6-13 11:19 AM
10 3,539
This is more an applied physics question, but I was wondering what the space shuttle would look like if we designed it...
Jul27-11 01:41 PM
11 3,490
For starters, watch this video to see what I'm talking about. It has been done, so I know it can work, but I want to...
Aug1-11 06:29 PM
13 4,197
Renewable Energy (RE) Sources are a hot topic, but careful study of the solutions thus far offered make realizing RE...
Jan14-11 08:41 AM
16 4,735
I am currently trying to help my boyfriend figure out something. his project is to design and build a game cube to...
Dec11-06 09:54 PM
1 3,528
I am test driving an app (OpenFTA, for small Fault Tree Analyses on Windows 7 64-bit. In one...
Jan31-13 11:08 AM
1 1,201
I am following the OpenFTA (Fault Tree Analysis) User Manual at Page 81 uses...
Feb9-13 01:01 AM
0 1,053
I'm picking up FTA theory from "An Introduction to Reliability and Maintainability Enginenering", Charles Ebeling. ...
Jan23-13 06:40 PM
0 1,051
So my mind tends to wander, but I was thinking... since active/passive sonar is used to detect objects underwater,...
May10-10 08:55 AM
2 4,221
Hi, i'm Brand new to the Forums. I'm not sure this is the right forum. This may belong more under "experimental...
Oct30-08 03:33 PM
2 13,145
I was arguing with my NASA friend the other day about what would make a more efficent propellent for an ion engine. ...
Jun7-09 07:23 PM
4 1,966
Hi, I have the following problem regarding the iterative channel estimation employing LMMSE. The channel...
Apr7-12 10:01 AM
0 1,542
Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, and though this question may be addressed already in another thread...
Jul29-10 08:20 PM
3 2,921
Hey all Im trying to build a small railgun capable of launching a projectile(20-40g) to about 400km/h. Attached...
Dec15-11 03:17 AM
1 1,823
Hi, If somebody could help me interpret the attached spec for this drive-shaft powered AC generator I'd be very...
Sep5-13 09:14 AM
4 1,637
Hello, I'm trying to compare efficiency of different hydraulic motors by looking at unit of output per unit of...
Sep14-13 06:21 AM
3 1,753
I have a concept for an airfoil that might be capable of providing vertical take-off and hovering (as well as forward...
May21-10 11:32 AM
30 3,863
I have no one to go over my math and I just wanted someone to go over this. Does this look right to you guys? Just...
Jul24-09 07:51 AM
0 1,448
Hi this is an instrumentation and control question A given tank has hot water process fluid in the bottom and steam...
Dec19-10 08:25 PM
2 2,395
I would like to do some audio programming for a school project, but I'm not sure how a computer processes audio and...
Feb3-12 06:56 PM
2 2,200
Does anyone, by chance, happen to have some good, practical references in the design and preparation of piping systems...
Sep4-05 03:40 PM
4 6,724

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