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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Aug17-14 02:07 AM
16 12,993
what is the application of a frequency comparator in speed monitoring systems/ speed radar? pls let me know the...
Dec10-09 07:40 AM
1 2,562
hi there, i am trying a project on home automation through a telephone. i am trying to design my own system for...
Jan10-12 06:46 PM
4 3,629
Hi there. I am making a project implementing a lift algorithm i.e. working of two or more lifts simultaneously in...
Apr23-09 01:13 PM
0 1,638
Hi there, i am working on a lift algorithm and i dont know how to implement it. can anyone pls code the program for...
May4-09 07:04 AM
1 3,777
I just found this site the other day and found people talking aerodynamcs. I start college this year to major in...
Mar28-09 01:37 AM
4 1,465
I understand the basic concept of how it happens and what it does, but the book im reading is confusing me a little
Mar28-09 01:38 AM
2 1,613
Please help....This is driving me crazy. I am just trying to setup a simple comparing component. The code compiles...
Jan24-11 12:15 PM
2 2,447
I'm trying to model a vertical axis wind turbine with the double-multiple streamtube model (with Matlab), where wind...
Jul20-11 04:05 AM
Kelju Ivan
0 2,165
Hi, I am a final year student whos doing engineering and my final year project involves designing a track system which...
May4-10 05:59 PM
0 2,275
Hi, I'm tring to explore magnetic field of the contact system, but when I set the current on a face, i have the next...
Nov5-12 08:41 AM
3 6,970
CAR Door closing effort. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
Jul10-04 06:33 AM
0 4,895
I really need help fast. I need to design a mechanism which has to be placed inside a can. The purpose of the...
Sep20-07 07:29 PM
19 2,456
Hi guys, I'm a pure math master degree. Interested in studying dynamic systems, I want to learn more about this...
Mar24-11 12:46 PM
2 954
What are equations for EES to solve thermodynamic properties of isobutane as working fluid for a binary cycle:after...
Apr8-11 02:55 AM
0 3,426
I am building a cardboard bridge that is supposed to span 7-9 feet and made of cardboard. I am having trouble however...
Mar2-10 02:51 AM
13 5,343
I'm trying to decide if it's worth my time to make my undergraduate GPA super high My cumulative won't get much...
Jan28-04 12:16 PM
2 3,132
I want to coat gold on the substate like ring watch, what is the suitable design reactor for this deposition. Thx
Feb26-12 10:43 AM
0 1,831
I am wondering this because my car has very nice looking speakers when viewed in the light, however in the car they...
Jul4-05 02:17 AM
26 16,227
I want to design a tubing system using flexible PVC (1/2" diameter) tubing that carries water in a loop. Obviously...
Dec3-05 12:58 PM
24 3,035
What requirements do we have to consider before designing a system? What are the characteristics of a good system...
Jan1-07 08:36 PM
5 5,955
I am calculating sizes of duct ( section1= constant area pipe, section2= transition to a rectangular cross section ,...
Apr1-09 02:22 PM
3 3,258
As title, my lecturer had given me a project which to design a Analog RF Walkie talkie which in Frequency Modulation...
Nov1-10 12:12 PM
1 2,642
Hi I'm new in Ansys workbench. I have been studying a casting solidification of a metal in a mold. The metal and...
Nov17-11 03:07 PM
0 2,623
Hello everyone, I appreciate any help you can provide me in this project. Here is what I need to know... How...
Jan19-10 04:29 PM
3 3,091
How to calculate the air needed to cool the engine room and maintanin the temperature not to exceed 120F( for marine...
Dec6-07 01:39 PM
27 17,088
Could somebody evaluate this concept : a normal display is used but the image is recomputed everytime you move your...
Nov18-05 04:41 AM
2 1,664
I will be doing my finalyear project next year. And I thought of building a robotic butler, i.e: a robot that can be...
Nov2-09 09:36 AM
1 1,406
Both converts higher DC voltage to lower ones, no? Thanks for answering. =)
Jun18-10 07:40 PM
2 7,124
Alright, chemistry student here. No previous experience with these types of problems. Doing an interdisciplinary...
Dec20-11 07:47 AM
2 3,647
Hello, I've been toying with the idea of making a cheap dynomometer for small electric motors, but one of the...
Jan13-12 09:03 AM
0 1,652
Say I have three wheels. Their characteristics are the following: WHEEL ONE 20 kg mass 10 cm radius Accelerated...
Apr24-08 10:31 PM
9 7,353
My choice of solid state Dc circuit breaker is the Mosfet, easily available( i got loads!!!) i want the mosfet to...
Mar19-13 12:19 AM
29 4,577
Hello there, i am doing a graduation project for my bachelor on Steer-by-Wire, i have to make a modeling and...
May3-11 11:03 AM
5 2,792
Hi all I am finally at senior design and I am looking to use hydraulics or pneumonics to be the driver of my load...
Oct20-11 10:24 PM
1 2,697
Hie. I would like to know anyone who knows or have idea on design static and dynamic model for Semiconductor Optical...
Jan26-09 11:08 PM
3 3,257
Aloha to protect my invention , do I patent each component and then combine components and sell as a hole? Can the...
Nov22-09 09:28 AM
4 1,213
hi everybody..i have homework to design accelerometer can anyone help me from where to start i hav no idea about...
Dec14-09 06:38 AM
9 1,535
Can anyone tell me what is the main function of plotting Goodman and Gerber curve in fatigue?
Jul12-11 05:05 AM
0 1,830
Hi guys. I want to model the pressure distribution in rolling process and convert the pressure distribution into...
Nov6-10 03:29 PM
1 1,882
Hi all. I am a mechanical engineering student and I know a bit of Finite element method. But I don't clearly...
Dec5-11 01:19 AM
10 3,568

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