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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Feb15-14 02:05 AM
14 8,281
Can anyone tell me what is the main function of plotting Goodman and Gerber curve in fatigue?
Jul12-11 05:05 AM
0 1,748
Hi. I need the Finite element analysis of Sheet rolling process. I am stuck with the friction force and pressure...
Oct30-10 10:20 AM
0 1,385
Hi guys. I want to model the pressure distribution in rolling process and convert the pressure distribution into...
Nov6-10 03:29 PM
1 1,805
Hi guys, Are there any free mechanism design software's. I want to test whether a mechanism would a given...
Dec5-10 10:19 AM
2 2,106
Hi guys. I am doing a post grad course in Mechanical Design. I haven't had any industrial experience till now. ...
May25-11 01:15 PM
2 2,084
Hi all. I am a mechanical engineering student and I know a bit of Finite element method. But I don't clearly...
Dec5-11 01:19 AM
10 3,209
Hi, Does anyone know engineering competitions like DARPA, BAJA-SAE that are open to universities other than US? The...
Jan28-13 02:36 AM
3 1,573
Hey everyone. I need to simulate an antiplane shear in Ansys. Any idea on how to do it. I have tried considering a...
Apr18-13 10:32 AM
0 1,107
Non carbon based Alternative renewable fuel sources..Ideas out side of the Box. #1. WIND POWER using a gigantic wind...
Jul10-07 11:00 PM
26 7,421
I am interested if current laser technology exists such that a small laser can be made that emits non-visible light,...
Oct5-10 02:17 AM
2 1,538
Hey guys, I'm using Mathematica to plot some graphs and I'm having a bit of a hard time. First I have to solve...
Jun3-12 12:34 AM
0 1,016
I am building a frame that is supposed to resist the highest possible force in the horizontal direction. I am stuck at...
Nov29-09 04:46 PM
5 1,762
Is it possible to use method of sections on a frame or only on trusses? I have a frame that opposes a horizontal load...
Dec2-09 11:01 AM
2 1,406
Introduction I am a physics major currently working on a summer research project in one of my university's physics...
Jul14-08 02:36 PM
0 2,746
Hi, I am trying to use Maxwell's AC solver to determine capacitance. Does anyone have any experience in this? ...
Aug11-10 08:12 AM
0 1,083
Hi I have a question about piezoelectric actuators. I'm not an engineer and have no experience with actuators, but...
May4-10 05:24 AM
9 4,230
We have this heat exchanger installed in our plant. There are two modules. In module-2 saturated steam is entering...
Aug27-07 06:55 AM
8 3,928
Hello. We've been entrusted the job of building a dryer for firecrackers. We were approached by a huge firecracker...
Nov29-13 03:25 PM
4 1,324
Hi all, I'm a mechanical engineering student working on a group project which involves designing a machine which...
Mar25-11 03:35 AM
0 1,771
I have the equations to determine the rise time, peak time, percent overshoot, and settling time for a generic...
Mar8-13 06:43 PM
3 1,155
Hello! I'm currently working on a project where i am supposed to model a two tank system. The only information the...
Mar10-14 09:43 AM
4 674
hi everyone I am doing a project on thermoelectric Refrigerator and from my research i found out about a p-type...
Nov3-09 07:36 PM
2 2,671
Hi everyone, I am remodeling a recently bought home. One of the upstairs rooms is a game room and I plan on putting...
Nov17-07 09:20 PM
1 16,580
I would like to design an umbrella system that will be attached to your table for outdoor restaurants that works upon...
Oct23-13 03:02 AM
4 1,452
Hi everyone, I'm working on a research paper for Johns Hopkins University. Does anyone do anything with systems...
Jun5-07 08:22 PM
0 1,389
Hi, I'm trying to make a touch sensor pad using a grid of temperature sensors that would be covered with a thin,...
Nov16-06 12:09 PM
23 2,392
Hi, I have 3 points in 3D space whose positions are known to me and a third target point, whose position I am trying...
Jan2-07 01:17 PM
1 4,208
Hi, I have to build a sensor circuit to measure temperatures up to 2000C. I searched for an IR sensor for this and...
Feb11-11 04:58 AM
1 738
I'm sure everybody has heard all the stories about high mileage carburators and the oil companies etc. But why has...
Nov2-04 09:41 PM
59 19,064
I try many time to model a simple tensile test for steel MAT_024 but the graph doesn't match from Dyna result and Test...
Jul23-10 12:37 AM
2 1,894
How do I project a 3-D traingle at a square grid onto a scrunched-up paper like surface?
Jul15-05 08:09 AM
Kenneth Mann
2 1,446
Hello guys, I got a nice challenge. Myself and some other people at my school are constructing a trebuchet to compete...
Nov11-08 08:03 PM
3 2,115
Hey guys, I'm trying to make a circuit board for my school project and need to print the pattern. The thing that makes...
Jan16-09 10:06 PM
9 3,046
Hi all. I don't know if I have posted this in the right section, but I am hoping someone might be able to lend me a...
May3-12 06:04 PM
north of 60
129 50,248
i am working on design of a machine which requires use of gear. I need to transmit horizontal rotational motion to...
Apr3-11 09:54 AM
2 2,281
I wanted some ideas on how to heat mud to very high temperatures to kill off some unwanted organisms living in it. A...
Aug15-10 04:27 PM
4 1,871
a steel wire has an span of 800 meters,with weight of 1.44 kilograms per meter. how to determine then the actual...
May25-12 01:41 PM
2 1,556
can anyone give me a simple design of stirling engine that can work 80 degrees Celsius, because I'm having a hard time...
Jul21-10 03:43 AM
6 1,965
Hi! This is my first post so I apologise if I'm in the wrong place :) I'm trying to pick a worm gear and cannot...
Apr29-11 10:30 AM
0 1,626
I want to keep all the species and radiation from plasma but not UV. Is there a way to design plasma source in a way...
Dec25-10 05:35 PM
Dr Lots-o'watts
4 1,907

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