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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Aug17-14 02:07 AM
16 12,540
I want to model the IASC-ASCE benchmark structure in ANSYS Classic. The building is a 12 degree of freedom shear...
Jun7-10 03:53 AM
0 2,100
Oct6-11 06:14 AM
4 2,537
In hydronic system design, which do you think is better and why, placing the balancing valve on the equipment supply...
Oct15-03 04:22 PM
0 3,033
Russ, or any of the rest of you mechanical engineers out there, ever use something called an "Energy recovery heat...
Feb20-04 03:39 PM
12 6,460
I would like to get some opinions on secondary circulator and piping design for heating system. System Description:...
Aug5-04 08:18 AM
0 1,701
I didn't want to derail another thread or insult the person who started it, so I'm starting this one. In the other...
Aug15-05 11:10 AM
37 5,031
My state (NJ) is offering rebates of $1.75 per solar watt installed up to 10000 watts ($17,500 max) Feds are giving...
May5-12 04:12 PM
208 42,686
Any of you HVAC guys/gals design a Displacement Ventilation (DV) system in the Northeast USA? With our heating...
Apr21-10 05:57 AM
6 3,658
Hello, This summer I would be interested in designing my own model rocket. I do not have a lot of...
May31-09 04:48 PM
1 4,839
As a Senior in high school I am conducting a research project. I have spent numerous hours searching the web and...
Aug30-09 06:08 AM
7 3,663
I`ve had a new idea in designing a pulse jet by adding a valve in it... According to my intuition and logically this...
Mar13-11 01:51 PM
43 15,562
(This is rather long, so if you do not wish to read it all please scroll down to ‘The Problem') This is my...
Jan23-07 07:40 PM
Ascetic Anchorite
7 2,734
Hi Our company is planning to setup a scheffler system to evaporate 9 lakh liters of "waste water" per day. I...
May21-10 01:30 AM
3 7,528
When I was trying to simulate a linear generator in Infolytica Magnet software, I am getting an error no. 160000 that...
Nov27-12 12:33 AM
0 1,231
Another thread in the Materials and Chemical Engineering asked about steels and seismic performance. I did some...
Feb25-05 07:45 PM
0 1,969
I had the delightful experience of a couple of product failures today. Just thought I'd pass along a couple of...
May21-05 10:28 AM
11 1,797
Like every year, this is the season for the Shell Eco-Marathon annual fuel-economy competition. Last week, the...
Sep20-05 06:37 PM
16 2,735
On-line e-book by ...
Feb13-06 01:51 PM
0 3,566
Oops! March 27, 2006 I have found this...
May18-06 02:48 AM
38 9,738
I came across this paper while looking for a cutaway view of an aircraft. It looks pretty interesting. Interactive...
Jan1-07 09:46 AM
0 1,850
The PopSci page has some interesting articles on innovations in Engineering and Design ...
Dec25-08 08:31 AM
0 2,143
This a hybrid subject which combines mechanical, civil, electrical engineering and computer science/engineering. ...
Jun10-09 11:31 PM
3 1,645
Developing the JPL Engineering Processes This is...
Dec2-09 11:08 AM
1 2,204
Jaguar has new automobile design Turbine-electric Jag accelerates like a jet ...
Apr20-11 05:56 AM
33 7,994
Using MSC Nastran 103 to calculate BIW (car's sheet metal platform only)resonance frequency by FE method, do we need...
Oct15-07 01:00 PM
4 7,629
Hello All, I'm not really sure if this is the spot where I should post this, but I'll give it a shot. For the last...
Jul5-11 02:33 PM
3 4,756
So as a side project for my professor, I'm supposed to 1) build a recirculating simple pipe bend 2) experiment and...
Aug3-14 09:40 AM
2 1,570
Does anyone know of a good source for small electron guns? Just a simple one. I was using a TV CRT gun but the...
Dec3-10 11:53 AM
2 1,930
Holla peeps,in the nearest future I hope to make a rc helicopter. I've done a series of researches and so far things...
Aug17-14 02:03 AM
0 107
Does anybody know how to create a sectional elevation on a vertical plane in autocad software???? Autodude
May19-09 08:13 AM
0 1,718
Ok. This thread may border on similarity to the brain thread, but I thought I'd start fresh. I would just like...
Apr5-04 02:50 PM
11 2,774
I recently read about an image processing technique named Threshold Balanced Transformation for Face Verification....
Jan1-12 11:13 PM
Avinash Raj
0 1,692
I have been tasked with what seems an almost impossible feat. It sounds simple but for some reason it is not. I am...
Jun10-13 08:15 AM
10 1,840 theres the link in case anyone hasnt seen it already. pretty simple concept, and it...
Feb21-12 02:48 PM
31 9,464
For some reason I'm having issues today figuring out what size base plate to make for a post that has a 30lb wieght at...
Sep13-07 05:20 PM
1 4,809
Hi all I am a new Zemax user. I want to design an lens to couple light from semiconductor wafer into a fiber. The...
Nov22-10 03:39 AM
0 2,602
Here's what I need to do: Walnuts are an important cash crop in Yolo County and are popular to consume around...
Feb27-09 10:47 PM
1 5,082
I am currently having a bit of trouble on my design. If you have any ideas please let me know. I have a crystal...
Jul31-09 03:30 PM
4 1,375
im interested in doing an engineering course (mechanical), and i love the field and topic and id like to know if...
Jun17-13 07:05 PM
2 1,430
Hey, i am an undergrad student studyn eng. i was given a materials assignment in which we have to pick an object...
Oct3-05 01:26 PM
2 1,718

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