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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Aug17-14 02:07 AM
16 12,513
Hi all - I have a problem that I'm probably going to model in COMSOL and would love to hear some ideas on how to...
Dec14-09 08:42 AM
0 3,882
Hi everyone, I'm working on a research paper for Johns Hopkins University. Does anyone do anything with systems...
Jun5-07 08:22 PM
0 1,453 Up to now, industrially-deployed motors have normally...
Nov18-08 03:09 AM
3 2,174
Hi This is my first time on this site and it looks great so far. It doesn't matter if it is 12v or 24v either...
Mar9-12 09:27 PM
2 1,401
Hi Guys, I'm tired of waiting for my tenants to finish their midnight laundry loads. I have a hydraulic sliding...
Jul10-13 12:48 AM
4 1,338
Hello, Im trying to model an RF attenuator for use in a control system. The control voltage is from 0-2.1V and I...
Jun6-13 03:09 PM
1 1,295
I have a couple of questions about 2 cycle engines: 1) Can someone further explain “time-area” to me in regard to...
May25-05 11:39 AM
5 3,295
Actually i am using lead screw drive by motor along with rope drive. If you will see the attachment, yuo can clearly...
Mar22-12 10:17 PM
6 2,551
I have a 2stage Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor and the reaction is reversible where X1 -> X2. I am also given the...
Dec5-11 12:47 AM
0 1,932
Dear ... Physics Forums ... I need a website to learn the principles of how to use AutoCAD Program ((( Step By Step...
Jul1-09 05:28 PM
13 6,526
Hi i am new to this forum, i hope i post this in the right thread. I am developing a 2D artificial evolution...
Jun28-11 10:38 AM
0 1,322
Hey all Im trying to build a small railgun capable of launching a projectile(20-40g) to about 400km/h. Attached...
Dec15-11 03:17 AM
1 1,817
So I am trying to figure out how to wire a three phase generator. I understand the WYE connection, but I am stumped...
Jul10-12 04:12 AM
1 1,438
Brand spanking new to the forum. Registered just to ask this question... We have a machine at work that has the...
Nov13-13 04:05 AM
7 1,773
I'm trying to understand the angles and force involved with my current project of building a 3 wheel front loading...
Nov3-12 11:23 AM
4 2,290
Hi, I have 3 points in 3D space whose positions are known to me and a third target point, whose position I am trying...
Jan2-07 01:17 PM
1 4,333
While doing some visitor tracking in this CAD blog, I came across with a search query “how to change dimension text”...
Sep27-10 10:24 AM
0 3,972
Hi everyone, I'm trying to design a simple model by using Comsol Multiphysics. I set an inlet concentration of a...
Nov28-12 05:00 AM
El Pachon
2 2,233
Hello, I've talked to the ANSYS Customer Portal (CP) about this very issue. I have a customer who wants to see FEA...
Nov15-11 11:53 AM
0 2,566
I recently aquired a 45 Watt solar panel and am now curious about how best to use it. I am currently connecting it to...
Aug8-07 01:46 PM
1 5,160
How difficult would it be to create a circuit that uses 3 mechanical switches as inputs to light up 8 LEDs for the...
May21-04 05:24 PM
Kenneth Mann
13 19,713
It has been almost 2 months that our course of Microprocessor and interfacing has started and so far we have studied...
Apr28-11 06:13 AM
1 3,351
solution found
Jan20-07 06:58 PM
linux kid
0 2,192
I need to a scmatic on a tv where the best place to go for free.
Sep7-12 11:45 PM
21 4,099
HI everyone. I am designing a system that can automatically drill holes on a concrete wall by a standard hand driller...
Jan12-10 11:05 AM
Su Solberg
0 1,290
In my youth the local Sears store used an air hose blowing upward to suspend a beachball in the air, as an...
Jun5-04 02:36 PM
2 3,167
I was just wondering if a flying skateboard would be possible to make in this time and day. I don't mean a hover board...
Nov29-13 03:03 AM
5 6,080
A human can develop an infinety strategies to solve apuzzle by his brain such as Rubik's cube ,and there is no...
Jul10-11 07:26 PM
2 1,840
Firstly, the book light works fine. I'm also attaching a circuit diagram. I don't really understand why the...
Feb6-09 05:00 AM
1 1,519
I'm in the process of refurbishing a 915mhz 30kw Microwave power supply. The problem I'm having is that the...
Jul23-04 03:48 PM
4 2,597
I was reading up on torque converters. They looked very bulky and heavy. I was thinking perhaps a torque converter...
Apr29-05 10:11 PM
1 1,581
Would it be possible to make a sonic screwdriver by using sound waves, to turn a screw? The sound waves would make...
Apr9-12 03:55 PM
126 79,570
Hi, I'm looking into making a simple steam-engine. For that purpose I need a Diesel burner which should be as...
Aug22-07 02:28 PM
1 8,666
I am no fan of doing away with human labour, but needs must, an (opperator) has to place a circular sponge into a pot...
Jun4-06 11:27 AM
30 3,012
please help me ,i have a project which i m not easy with can anyone help me in designing a a vapor compression cycle...
May14-10 02:14 PM
2 2,510
Hello ! I'm a beginner in Abaqus and for that I've tried to follow this tutorial...
Oct25-10 05:34 PM
4 4,271
I want to simulate the absorption spectra of gold octahedra when irradiated by a light source, according to the...
Jun30-14 03:50 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 2,756
Hello people I need your help. I am kind new to refrigeration and I wanna design one. I have a waste exhaust heat...
Jun23-14 11:02 PM
4 3,412
Hello. I'm trying to design a AC to DC LED driver with PWM dimming. I have a design that I can use with the LM3406HV...
Jun7-14 05:23 PM
1 2,365
Hello all, i have some acceleration value s in each axis(x,y,z) i want to calculate the acceleration and...
Sep4-10 01:56 AM
1 2,088

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