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Engineering Systems & Design

- How to design and manage complex engineering projects. Design Process, Concept Evaluation, Documentation, Sims
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Hello all, I was wondering what kind of references design engineers like to have handy? So far, I have ...
Aug17-14 02:07 AM
16 12,719
I have a multi component system, containing rotation of several linked elements, along with a linked rolling...
Jul26-04 11:15 PM
3 4,454
What type of Spacecraft would you design and what propulsion system would you use? Her are my thoughts, what are...
Jul21-04 07:10 PM
Arctic Fox
15 3,224
I'm sure everybody has heard all the stories about high mileage carburators and the oil companies etc. But why has...
Nov2-04 09:41 PM
59 19,674
By this I mean machines that put more energy out than is put in. Is it possible?
Sep21-04 09:03 AM
57 25,265
This message should be deleted.
Jul2-04 03:10 PM
0 1,772
undefinedi was just wonerin if any of you guys have worked with a cnc mill? And also what is it used for? ...
Aug19-04 05:29 PM
3 1,649
I was browsing the Autodesk website today and happened to notice that AutoCad 2005 has been released. Not sure how...
Sep23-04 12:33 PM
2 2,078
I am curious about microscopes, I know i could buy an optical one for around $200 $500, i am wondering about how hard...
Aug30-04 09:24 AM
4 2,143
Here's a problem that has the potential for great personal rewards to solve. There is a lot more to cooking than...
Jul6-04 11:36 AM
3 2,153
May I ask a help ... please ... I need ( Machine Designers ) _ Free News Letter I need ( Theory Of Machines ) _...
Jun28-04 04:19 PM
0 1,527
Hopefully this is the right topic, but I am soliciting advice on the wonderous invention of a potato cannon. A...
Oct15-04 08:06 AM
Evil Knievel
14 5,632
in finding riccati solution of A*X+A'*X+X*W*X+Q that is X which stabilises A+W*X(real parts of eigen values...
Jul14-04 02:34 PM
Tom Mattson
2 2,068
CAR Door closing effort. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
Jul10-04 06:33 AM
0 4,875
I'm in the process of refurbishing a 915mhz 30kw Microwave power supply. The problem I'm having is that the...
Jul23-04 03:48 PM
4 2,610
what kind of physical proceses can be simulated with a microprocessor using machine language is possible to simulate...
Jul23-04 12:23 PM
4 2,162
Carbon fibre is used in formula one cars to decrease load and increase aerodynamics. Is there a bearing which also...
Jul18-04 12:21 PM
1 1,754
Ok, I'm a little lost so if this subject is off topic for this forum then I appoligize. I am working on a modeling...
Sep4-04 05:58 PM
H-bar None
8 2,669
hello I am doing B.E. in Instrumentation & Control at L.D.College of Engineering ,Ahmedabad,India. As a part of...
Aug25-04 08:13 AM
16 40,556
i was wondering if any of you fellows, new of a good ( and free ) cad program that u could suggest? ...
Aug10-04 08:51 PM
14 2,545
Hi all: I've been working on this for few hours, and I've given up. I'm hoping that you can help! I've included...
Jul29-04 03:17 PM
11 3,404
I would like to get some opinions on secondary circulator and piping design for heating system. System Description:...
Aug5-04 08:18 AM
0 1,704
how do you build & design a bridge with these materials? 4 drinking straws 10 pieces dressmaker's oin 5 pieces of...
Aug6-04 11:14 AM
1 3,069
What are the characteristics of a good innovation/ system?
Aug19-04 07:55 AM
4 2,017
Firstly g'day all, just had a glance through some of the topics and this seems like a fine forum. Some of you may...
Oct15-04 02:23 PM
57 9,907
I am wondering if I can build a powered sound canceling system, one that could be used to mask, or cancel out sounds...
Nov19-04 08:32 AM
13 4,076
I have an assignment where I have to reverse engineer the induction stove. I know that this device works by having...
Nov22-04 09:35 PM
3 4,234
now that i am in eng school, i'm learning to draft and to do it in pro eng autocad, in my opinion both remarkable...
Sep30-04 09:35 AM
3 2,918
hi how can i receive the satalite tv channel online from the inter net by connect computer with receiver in the...
Sep24-04 11:42 PM
2 3,791
Please someone help me to answer this question...Urgent You're halfway manufacturing a cabinet...
Oct1-04 01:17 PM
1 2,334
2 thou dollars! HELP HOW TO MOVE a truck i need on help on how to move a truck of 25-30 tons by just human force. its...
Oct28-04 06:15 AM
4 1,883
Hello everyone, In my physics class, we need to build a machine that has to hold an egg and move across two meters...
Nov11-04 09:59 AM
12 6,053
I've got an R1 of 1K in parallel with an C and R2 in series.(Highpass) I've got the bode plot of the circuit measured...
Nov19-04 08:35 AM
2 2,007
Hello everyone... I have a little question on simulink. When forces acting on a certain body are given (just like...
Nov9-04 04:42 AM
0 1,640
I downloaded a hydrofoil simulation calculator and wanted to verify the results I am getting. Can someone tell me if...
Nov10-04 03:47 PM
0 3,840
hi do you happen to know any alternative for using Finite Element Analysis(FEA)? i need to know it badly.. hope...
Dec30-04 12:06 PM
9 5,364
ok, so here it is: "You are to design and construct a bean bag launcher, which will launch a bag filled with dried...
Nov22-04 05:44 AM
1 1,644
Hi ! i'm civil engineering student and i was trying to find some things on net about Mikhail Andreevich Velikanov...
Dec26-04 05:58 AM
0 1,189
ok. so i finally found out about this site, which would've been incredibly helpful. But now, it's no longer there, or...
Dec22-04 03:25 PM
0 1,568
Bare with me, I'm very new to this. I am trying to build a 'flow bench'. I need to be able to flow from 0-3000cfm of...
Dec30-04 08:45 AM
20 5,161
How do you cut threads in ProE ? I'm weaning myself off of AutoCAD, and I'm very new to ProE, so please give as...
Dec14-04 12:22 AM
1 6,215

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