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David_777 Jan10-06 09:36 PM

Big Bangs and the Infinite?
Might multi universes overlap? Might there be limitless space to infinity in which Big Bangs unsynchronized in time overlap and have done so through eternity past? What is it about Big Bang theory that makes impossible the inifinite of all space versus the limit of that space which has expanded from the Big Bang? Why can't a Big Bang occur with matter and space outside it's expanding sphere? Can such matter meet?

my first post here, hi out there

Chronos Jan11-06 12:59 AM

Hi Dave! Welcome to PF. The problem with that idea is it imposes a background over which it is overlayed. A bigger problem is it introduces a non-casual influence over the observable universe. And that introduces the even bigger problem of explaining how the 'edges' overlap without violating the Copernican principle.

David_777 Jan15-06 06:47 PM

I would tend to think those issues are mainly a matter of the mathematical context space/time/matter is described as though doesn't necessarily invalidate the ideas.


Chronos Jan17-06 12:24 AM

They are mainly mathematical matters, but that is the most pressing issue in astrophysics. We rely much more heavily on mathematical solutions than observation - which is almost always less reliable.

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