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ZapperZ Jul16-06 01:34 PM

VOTE - When You Wish Upon A Star
This is another round of excellent pictures submited by several PF members.

1. larkspur

2. DarkEternal

3. neutrino

4. turbo-1

5. Janus

6. ZapperZ

7. Moonbear


nazzard Jul16-06 01:47 PM

I must have been 4 years old when I was in Kazakhstan for a few weeks. I hardly remember anything from this vacation. However I recall the absolutely stunning night sky and larkspur's picture comes very close to what I always try to revisualize. :smile:



Moonbear Jul16-06 11:25 PM

I just love darketernal's photo! What stunning colors! I've never seen anything like it.

scorpa Jul16-06 11:27 PM

This one was tough all of the pictures were really good, but I've got to go with Turbo on this one, that is a very cool pic.

SpaceTiger Jul16-06 11:31 PM

It's not the most pleasing to the eye, but there's something very cool about Moonbear's photo. DarkEternal is a close second.

ZapperZ Jul19-06 06:39 AM

You have approximately 2 days left to vote in this contest, if you haven't done so already.


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