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regmcube Jan18-04 07:19 PM

I'm have such a hard time with "tension"
I know a few things about tension, but it never really came through to me.

i know that "tension is the same in every part of one string, and pulleys just change the direction of the force."

At first i thought tension was just the net force, but i guess not! Can someone please explain tension super-thoroughly? Thanks!

pallidin Jan19-04 09:09 PM

My definition: Tension is a physical concept between two or more physical objects(or object aspects) utilizing one or more physical intermediaries to transfer application of force.
Even the internal tension of a compressed spring, for example, is characterized by the relationship between spring "segments" So, tension is never unitary.
In short, tension sets-up a transfer of force in a physical system. To what degree the force is actually transfered is dependent on system design.

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