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stunner5000pt Oct12-06 04:01 PM

Legendre Polynomials
To show that two Legendre polynomials(Pn and Pm) are orthogonal wht is the test that i have to use?

is it this?
[tex] \int_{-1}^{1} P_{n}(x)P_{m}(x) dx = 0 [/tex]

in that case to prove that P3 and P1 are orthogonal i have to use the above formula??

HallsofIvy Oct12-06 05:44 PM

What is the definition of "orthogonal" in this case?

aligator123 Nov16-06 03:43 PM

you can also use rodriguez formula for this

silviacipi Nov22-06 05:19 AM

legendre polynom in three dimension
does anyone know the rule to obtain a general [tex]P^n[/tex] Legendre Polynomial in three dimension?


silviacipi Nov22-06 05:20 AM

sorry, I wronged:the rule to obtain the general [tex]P_n[/tex] Legendre Polynomial

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