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KathyK Oct29-06 04:25 PM

Looking for online tutor service for daughter
I am looking for a honest and reliable online physics tutor to help my daughter with homework questions. Any suggestions?

thinktank75 Oct29-06 04:45 PM

If she has any questions, she can post her hw questions on the forums here, they're very helpful here :)

Office_Shredder Oct29-06 05:02 PM

Anything high school based can expect to get answered with a helpful hint in the right direction, since practically everyone who spends a decent amount of time here knows how to do it

Dorothy Weglend Oct29-06 05:21 PM

This place is the best! I have received so much good, friendly help here. And a real plus is that you can ask questions about things that puzzle you that there isn't time for in a class. Really lots of smart, friendly, physics loving people here!


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