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-Job- Nov12-06 10:13 PM

Human Computation
The following tech talk at google discusses using humans to collect useful information for things such as images, using games.
It's an interesting approach, which certainly makes alot of sense.

0rthodontist Nov13-06 01:09 AM

I've only watched the first few minutes, but the captioning is really annoying. Not only does it run ahead of the speech by several seconds, it keeps saying "capture" when he's saying CAPTCHA, even though he put the word CAPTCHA on several projector slides and it's basically the topic of his talk (well, the first five minutes).

Having watched the rest of it, it is pretty interesting. The idea of human computation is not at all new--after all that's what white-collar workers spend their days doing. It is interesting though how much time people will sink into a game that simple.

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