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drag Feb19-04 02:17 PM

Xenon ionisation
Greetings !

This is not really a discussion thread, I just
wan'na ask a question and hope someone could
finally help me with this because I couldn't
find this info during the several months I
occassionaly tried to search for it (even
briefly studied a Hall Effect thruster thesis).

I need the ionisation cross-section and the Debye
lenght (for ion rich plasma) of Xenon. Also, precise
formulas of electron free paths in Xenon plasma
at the density and pressure of a typical HET or IBT
would be helpfull if you got'em (I have some formulas,
but without the above data they're not of much use and
they're pretty complex for me right now.)

Thanks a lot. :smile:

Live long and prosper.

jjalexand Feb23-04 05:11 AM

You'll probably get more help if you explain what the motivation is (and if it looks worthwhile) :) Maybe there are alternative methods, but who would know without an objective? Sorry I don't know what a HET or IBT is.

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