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kant Dec28-06 12:26 AM

Inspired by
south park:

Suppose you are a 15 teen year old teenage age male, and a hot blood teacher wants to have sexual relationship with you. What would you do?

Rach3 Dec28-06 12:47 AM

Obviously... secretly videotape the thing, then blackmail her for a small amount, maybe $10k/yr for the rest of her life. (teachers' salaries, you know)

The teen clearly has the upper hand in this relationship; he risks little, while the teacher risks jailtime due to very wierd American morality (ooh, the poor, "molested", "kid"!). If I were still 15, I wouldn't go into this relationship, age difference is too wierd. I'd only get into it for the blackmail, if I so chose.

Rach3 Dec28-06 12:50 AM

(I'm kidding about the extortion part...)

blackwizard Dec28-06 12:52 AM

Well i wouldnt think a proper relationship would work out 2 well in that situation so id take the shallow view point: If shes hot.

South Park rules. Best tv program in the world

mattmns Dec28-06 01:13 AM

Definitely gotta go for it :smile:

moose Dec28-06 01:42 AM

I'd hit it

Danger Dec28-06 04:31 AM

I don't have time to look at the link, and I hate South Park anyhow. So is your question what I would do, given current knowledge, or what I did do?

Moonbear Dec28-06 10:44 AM

Sorry folks...I've removed the link from the opening post due to concerns raised that the source is likely infringing on copyrights. I'm also locking this thread to further discussion. If you want to revisit the topic from the perspective of legalities and/or professional ethics, you may do so, but as currently asked, it's not heading in any productive direction.

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