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martine Mar25-04 08:46 AM

online converters
Hi Guys,

I checked so many online converters but could not find out how much m3 1 liter is. And also how large an area in m2 is when 1liter of water rains down and leaves a puddle 1mm high.

yes, i know it's basic stuff, but it's unfortunately so basic that my formular book doesn't mention any conversions and I'm currently totally lost.

thanks for your help


da_willem Mar25-04 08:57 AM

1m^3=1000 liter; volume=area x height

martine Mar25-04 09:48 AM

thanks a lot.

i know it's so easy, but sometimes I can't remember, begin to search around and start to panic *blush*


Muzza Mar25-04 10:06 AM

Google can do such conversions btw.

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