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Evo Jul23-07 12:30 PM

Happy Birthday Huckleberry!!!!!!111111
Happy belated Birthday Flipper Foot!!!!!!11111

Lisa! Jul23-07 12:55 PM

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Ivan Seeking Jul23-07 01:01 PM

Flipper foot?

Happy birthday Huck! :biggrin:

Evo Jul23-07 01:10 PM


Quote by Ivan Seeking (Post 1384921)
Flipper foot?

It's not as cool as your third digger foot, but he'd be handy to have in a flood. :approve:

G01 Jul23-07 01:12 PM

Happy B-Day!

cristo Jul23-07 01:13 PM

Happy Birthday!

Kurdt Jul23-07 01:45 PM

Hope you had a great day!

radou Jul23-07 03:22 PM

Happy birthday, Mr. Finn! :smile:

Astronuc Jul24-07 06:25 AM

Happy Birthday, Huckleberry !!!!!!!!!!!

. . . . . .

I wish you many more seasons.

Huckleberry Sep10-07 08:43 AM

Doh, I missed my birthday again this year. Sorry guys. Thanks for the well wishes.

hypatia Sep10-07 08:45 AM

wow huckleberry! I saved you a peice of cake {THUNK} sorry it got a little dried out. Nice to see you!

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