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Evo Oct25-07 10:50 PM

TV show Phenomenom
Watching this piece of junk just now. This is some stupid show hosted by Uri Geller and Chris Angel.

Ok, this idiot is supposedly psychic and can tell which of six nail guns has been loaded with a cartridge.

A model picks up 6 sequentially numbered nail guns, only loading one. Ok, when she gets to gun number 5, I hear a cartridge being loaded, it's unmistakebly different from the first four. I know gun number 5 has the nails in it.

Guess what? The blindfolded "psychic" next to the guns "predicts" it is gun number 5, so RISKS his life firing the other unloaded guns at his head. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Next time they should turn off the sound so everyone watching can't tell either. :rolleyes:

EnumaElish Oct25-07 10:58 PM

Another explanation is you're a psychic, too. :biggrin:

Evo Oct25-07 11:01 PM


Quote by EnumaElish (Post 1481551)
Another explanation is you're a psychic, too. :biggrin:

Wow, I never considered that.

You could be right, I could make millions. :cool:

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