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EnumaElish Oct30-07 07:09 PM

Quotes-in-quotes don't appear
When I first joined PF quotes-in-quotes did appear (upon quoting). At some point that stopped working. Anyone know why?


Quote by EnumaElish
God, I love quoting myself!

Quote by EnumaElish
Earlier quote which used to happen automatically but does not now.

Moonbear Oct30-07 07:48 PM

Yep, it was to stop inexperienced members from posting long strings of quotes when they only needed to quote the last post. We now have the multi quote feature, so if you need to retain the original quote and one after it for context, just quote both posts.

The only time this doesn't work is if someone is quoting something other than another post. You can always just copy and paste the text into your reply if it's really important to retain.

EnumaElish Oct31-07 04:08 PM

Is the multi-quote option something that I should see if I "Go Advanced"?

Gokul43201 Nov1-07 05:21 AM

No, it's the button next to the "quote" button. You should see it right now. If not, try refreshing your cache.

PS: You will not see it if your skin is Nexus. Switch to Prime.

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