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ciarandunlevy Jan31-08 07:03 AM

Ice sticking to the mould problem.
Hi, having a problem with the ice sticking to the mould. I have to use alginate for the mould and when the water freezes, so does the alginate.The moulds are part of my art project and they take amazing detail. I don't know whether I'm making sense here but is it possible to use something in between them?

turbo Jan31-08 07:20 AM

Alginate is capable of absorbing water and probably does so until the water freezes. You might want to try coating the inside of the mold with a light coating of PAM or some other cooking spray to see if that will block the absorption of water, so the mold will release after freezing.

ciarandunlevy Jan31-08 08:32 AM

Cool thanks a million for your time, I will try that one tonight.

ciarandunlevy Feb4-08 08:01 PM

Still having problems
Well I tried cooking oil, couldn't get a spray and the oil just rose to the top of the water. Is there anything else that might work. I was even thinking is there anything other than water that would create a clear mould?

Loren Booda Feb4-08 11:40 PM

Would Teflon or "Scotch-Gard" work?

Danger Feb5-08 12:05 AM

Try WD-40. I'm not sure that it will work, but it is, after all, a Water Displacement formulation.

turbo Feb5-08 07:03 AM

How about silicon spray lubricant?

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