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zyh Mar5-08 04:07 AM

Good Video Lecture on MIT
Hi, I found it is a good video lecture in :
so, as a beginner of linear algebra, It is a good stuff for you! All video can be downloaded to your PC. And Professor Strang is so nice speaking!

Lunsa Apr7-08 09:28 AM

zyh ,I think so!

transgalactic Apr8-08 02:38 PM


Peeter Apr10-08 10:35 PM

I listened to a few, and thought that 'Projections onto Subspaces' was particularily good.

Back in my LA course (which was 12 years ago so perhaps I forgot;) ... I had only seen subspace projection expressed in a graham-shmidt fashion using a basis. His presentation of this in matrix form is superb (nice concept and very well taught IMO).

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