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pratik.t Jun7-08 05:41 AM

Projectile Calculator software
Hi all,

I am a software developer and wrote this application just for fun

A short synopsis

This is a simple program to find the various parameters like final velocity, horizontal displacement and maximum height reached by a trajectory or a projectile. It also plots the path of the projectile and can output it to a file.

You can use this application to study the projectile motion and its various aspects, such as variation of range and height with angle of launch.

It can also find the particle's ( x, y ) location based on time and vice versa calculate any two of the three parameters (x,y,t) knowing just one

here is the link of the project page

here you can download the latest version (for win32 although you can very easily port it to Mac OS X and Linux as well as it is written in wxWidgets and uses MathGL for plotting)

here is the project website (out of date need to update it also u cannot contact me from there as it is not working ATM but i shall hopefully fix it soon)

it is a work in development and all feedback and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

pratik.t Jun20-08 12:15 AM

Projectile Motion Software
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Can people give me suggestions, report bugs etc. so that I can improve this software which is open-source and a freeware.

NORMANSKE Sep29-08 10:22 AM

Re: Projectile Motion Software

I have download the software but I cannot get it to run because a message comes up "libgsl.dll not found" what do I need to do to get the program to run?


pratik.t Sep29-08 10:29 AM

Re: Projectile Motion Software
just copy the libgsl.dll from here into the Projectile directory

figured out that the dll on my computer was in the system32 folder hence i needn't put it in the folder, however maybe you should.
Sorry for the incovenience

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