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H_man Jun16-08 06:50 AM

Curve fitting in Matlab

I've just been trying unsuccessfully to fit a polynomial to a large set of data in Matlab (1301 points). I want to fit a polynomial to the data so that I have a function with which to try and manipulate the data in different ways.

I have no problem fitting polynomials to much smaller sets of data. I know that other curve fitting options exist, such as the moving average. However, it is my understanding that they do not return a function which can be used (so it seems it is just for presentation).

Has anyone had any experience with this?

Thanks, :confused:


Dr Transport Jun17-08 07:53 PM

Do a search on the Mathworks web site, there is a bunch of code that can be looked at to help you along. Look in your numerical analysis text for Lagrange polynomials or spline curve fits.

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