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quddusaliquddus May5-04 11:07 AM

Add Next Line + Smily in Story ==>
:smile: "Once upon a time . . . "

iansmith May5-04 12:12 PM

A knight with a shiny amor on a white horse :rolleyes:

quddusaliquddus May5-04 12:46 PM

...went in search of the biggest (:eek:) pickle in the world...

Andy May5-04 12:55 PM

.....but instead he found.....

Chi Meson May5-04 01:13 PM

three talking gerbils, each of which had magical powers. THe first one could...

BLUE_CHIP May5-04 03:46 PM

Summon A pack of Multivariate Experimental Psychologists ( :confused: ) the second one....

cragwolf May5-04 05:06 PM

...ate the other two gerbils and then was run over by the truck of the film crew shooting a crappy fantasy film about a knight in shining armour on a white horse. Meanwhile, the local residents...

iansmith May5-04 05:18 PM

wonder why someone would film a movie in their quiet little town in the middle of nowhere ( :biggrin: )...

jimmy p May5-04 07:06 PM

unbeknownst to them it would turn into a diverse populace of tinfoil wearing super-nerds using their "mace +1" to crush orcs and other dungeon dwellers...:biggrin:

dduardo May5-04 07:32 PM

Unfortunately all their mana was quickly drained by a hord of elves wearing bowling shoes....

ShawnD May5-04 07:54 PM

then batman came and pwned the elves.

cragwolf May6-04 07:04 AM

But it soon dawned upon the filmmakers that this wasn't mere fanatical enthusiasm -- the town had actually gone mentally deranged from reading too much stupid fantasy novels and watching too many silly fantasy films, and so the government was brought in to sort the mess, at which point...

jimmy p May6-04 10:07 AM

... the guillotine was introduced and most of the town had their heads kindly removed by the oh so curropt government. At this point the village idiot (he was so stupid he didnt realise he was living in a town) decided that Something Needed To Be Done.

iansmith May6-04 10:56 AM

While he was thinking :confused: about doing something to be done, he got distracted by ...

dduardo May6-04 12:05 PM

Monty Python's Flying circus, which happened to be passing through town...

Chi Meson May6-04 12:54 PM

So the idiot said "What's that penguin doing there? :eek: "

dduardo May6-04 01:28 PM

And, cut. What the heck is that penguin doing in the background? Shoot it please. Now lets do the scene over, but with more...

BLUE_CHIP May6-04 01:51 PM

Chickens trying to burn the hair off that elephant's left nipple, and less.....

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