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Peon666 Aug11-08 10:05 PM

A couple of bothering questions!!!
Alright docs, I've got the following couple of questions:

1- Is there any way (symptoms etc.) to judge whether a person masturbates or not?

2- I have a problem that one side of my body is different from other side. Is like this that one side of my body is a bit mroe sensitive to the things like if I hit it will effect more on one side than other. Even my one leg is a bit skinner than the other. And not only this, one of my testicles is a bit different is 'symmetry' than the other, although their size is same. Anotehr thing that my eye sight is weak but sight of one eye is weaker than other.

What's going on?

Defennder Aug11-08 10:39 PM

Re: A couple of bothering questions!!!
This forum does not allow for "online diagnoses".

Moonbear Aug14-08 09:37 AM

Re: A couple of bothering questions!!!
1) No
2) Mild asymmetry of the body is normal. Everyone has one hand or foot slightly larger than the other, one side slightly stronger than the other, often one eye better than the other, and for men, yes one testis hangs somewhat lower than the other.

However, if any of this is a recent change rather than the way you've always been, consult a physician. And you should already be getting your eyes examined if you think your vision is weak.

iBop Aug14-08 08:42 PM

Re: A couple of bothering questions!!!
I completely agree with Moon

Believe me this that it's really odd to see one with an absolutely symmetrical body :rofl:

DaveC426913 Aug14-08 09:52 PM

Re: A couple of bothering questions!!!
Nothing to add that Moonie hasn't said so succinctly.

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