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DADDYJ Oct16-08 08:20 PM

Shaft sizing question
Attempting to use the formula:
D = 1.72 (Tmax/σmax)^1/3

In my case I do not know σmax or at least how to calculate it from material properties.
Material is 1045
UTS 84800
YTS 74300
Tmax = 591.55 in-lbs

D = 1.72 (Tmax/σmax)^1/3

Any help would be appreciated.


FredGarvin Oct17-08 07:01 AM

Re: Shaft sizing question
As a very rough pass, you can use your yield strength as [tex]\sigma_{max}[/tex]. Your equation is essentially assuming a set relationship for ductile materials and the relationship between shear stresses and normal stresses. This is for static, pure shear only.

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