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mkbh_10 Oct20-08 04:18 PM

Earning as an mtech in USA ?
How are the earning prospects in USA or UK after doing Mtech (mechanical Engineering) ?

mkbh_10 Oct23-08 05:27 AM

Re: Earning as an mtech in USA ?
will ny1 reply to me ?

Mike. Oct26-08 04:45 PM

Re: Earning as an mtech in USA ?
I am training to me a mechanical tech at the moment, although i am on a terrible wage (apprenticeship) when I'm out my time i should start on 24,000 a year. This is a starting wage and increase as you become more and more competent and experienced.

Hope this helps, it also changes widely from company to company.



Sorry, i see your not doing an apprenticeship, sounds like you have done a degree.

A friend of mine did a mechanical degree and has gone into project management.
His salary started at 29000, and within a year went to 32000, and hes at the bottom of the ladder.

Project management is something that my company have in line for me when I'm out my time, can't wait to start on a proper wage and make a good career for my self.

Once your in a company the limits are endless, (a big company mind)

Integral Oct26-08 06:44 PM

Re: Earning as an mtech in USA ?
In the US there is a big difference between a tech and an Engineer. The difference is in job responsibilities more then pay. Frequently techs are on hourly scales while Engineers are salaried. This means a tech is eligible for Overtime and shift differentials. With these pay considerations it is not uncommon for a tech to make $100K /yr. This is with a base pay of $50K = $60K. An experienced engineer will make more base pay but not have shift differentials or overtime pay.

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