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wolram Nov15-08 11:40 AM

1,000,000 rpm

Up to now, industrially-deployed motors have normally reached 250,000 revolutions per minute. Now, however, researchers from ETH Zurich’s Department of Power Electronics have developed a drive system in cooperation with its industrial partners that can achieve over 1,000,000 rpm.

FredGarvin Nov15-08 01:13 PM

Re: 1,000,000 rpm
That's pretty cool. The first thing I thought was "how small is this thing going to be?" It is indeed tiny. I am most impressed by the bearings. Even with a ID of 1 mm, the dN for those things would still be 1 million which is pretty sporty.

It's a shame they can't go into a bit more detail in the story.

minger Nov17-08 07:16 AM

Re: 1,000,000 rpm
I'm surprised they didn't use some sort of air bearing.

Danger Nov18-08 03:09 AM

Re: 1,000,000 rpm
I'm not sure if I want my dentist to find out about this or not.

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