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gibxam Jan26-09 08:57 PM

Creating a Protective Capsule
Hello I am going to be trying to make a capsule to protect an uncooked egg from being dropped from approximately 12 feet. There will be a parachute attached to the top when it is dropped. The capsule should be made of raw materiel such as card board or paper and no food products can be used. I am curious what kind of designs people may think will be best at protecting the egg. Note that it should be as light as possible and the egg must be fully covered. This is a rough idea that I had:
The idea is that because the bottom is open it as well as the parachute will apply an increase in air resistance to help slow the capsule as well as add a large surface area to land on while also applying the least amount of force to the egg as possible.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on my design as well as one of your own. Thank you


pallidin Jan29-09 01:59 AM

Re: Creating a Protective Capsule
Foam rubber might be helpful.

Or, maybe glue 3 small air-filled balloons around the egg. At only 12-feet that should work.

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