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Tom McCurdy Jun8-04 09:29 PM

Transit of Venus - WHO SAW IT?
Who Saw it?

I stayed up all night with some of my friends watching movies as we waited for the sun to rise. Then when it started to we realized that the sun we could probably get a better view if we found a open farm field. So we all piled in a car, and I had some random bloody nose, and we raced going about 40 above the limit until we found a suitable spot. However it was a hazy day and we waited for 15 minutes or so and figured that the sun had already rose and was behind the clouds given the fact that it was bright around 40 degrees above the horizon and dark near the horizon, however we kept waiting and talking until I saw the a little crescent edge pop out of the horizon as the glorious orb of fire that seemed to be 2 times larger than normal poked her enormous face over the distant tree line. We waited and actually saw the orb rise and the gentle orange glow got stronger and stronger, until we saw the spot. At first we weren't sure, but after awhile we were. It was truly a sight. With the moon still visible, the sun giving an entry worthy of any artist canvas I slowly began to realize what I was seeing. We all got out of the car and started to jump around like giddy school girls wondering if our physics teacher who had went to Port Huron for the event could possibly have a better view than us. We took turns posing for the camera with the sun, and then just starting taking pictures of the sun itself. The lessons of the astronomical meeting began to flood back and it wasn't hard to see how something so compelling could have caused those original scientists to faint.

Mark Jun8-04 10:15 PM

My story is sad.
I got up at 6am, to watch the transit. Some stupid site told me to watch it between 7:05-7:23, so i did, this was an hour as sunrise stupid me. I saw nothing of course, i was so pumped, and i missed it, crap that was disappointing post your pics please lol


arildno Jun9-04 02:28 AM

Don't worry, make plans for the 2012 transit :smile:

Adrian Baker Jun9-04 03:45 AM

Had a superb view all morning from here in the UK. I saw it at 6.20am make first contact and saw most of it until it it moved off at 12.20pm.

Gza Jun9-04 03:58 AM

I almost went blind trying to see the damn thing.

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