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Mikaelfd Apr18-09 03:19 PM

Looking for free welding resources
I am thinking about taking courses about welding later this year. I want to prepare in advance. Do you know any accesible resources about welding? Especially things which explain the fundamentals. I look for solid hard information which will help me later. I want to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the various welding methods.

I have googled around. I have problems finding things. Do you know any manuals or lecture notes which are available to the general public. Can you help me?

I will also check the library :)

Thank you

Astronuc Apr18-09 05:30 PM

Re: Looking for free welding resources
This is very basic, but gives a good overview of the different processes.

Some basic material on arc-welding

It will be difficult to find a complete in-depth on-line course in welding.

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