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Ravaner May19-09 08:49 AM

PSPICE models libraries
Hello. I use P-Spice student version and I regret that standard librairies offer very few number of models, especially for Op-Amp's. Is there sites where I can download more components models.

Bob S May19-09 10:32 AM

Re: PSPICE models libraries
I use LTSpice IV. It is free, but it is limited to the linear circuits found at Analog Devices may have their own free version.

Ravaner May20-09 05:49 AM

Re: PSPICE models libraries
I know pretty well this package but its performances are far below those of PSpice.

AdrianN May21-09 02:56 AM

Re: PSPICE models libraries
I usually download the SPICE models I need from the semiconductor manufacturers. They provide these models on their websites. Look at Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, etc.

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