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dlgoff Feb28-10 12:20 PM

Ionic Bulb
I think this thing might work. It looks like it has a small opening that probably has a high potential electrode as the source of negative ions. They claim it will clean the air in a 100 square foot area.

The New Ionic Bulb

Doug Huffman Mar1-10 06:22 AM

Re: Ionic Bulb
It probably will clean the air in a "100 square foot area" but only one molecule deep. Fluids occupy volume.

Where goes the removed non-clean air components, and how are they removed?

Is the 5 milligrams of metallic mercury in every CFL too much risk for the small return? Do we dispose of the CFL when its cleaning capacity is exhausted?

I operate a larger, 1 - 2 cubic foot, forced air electrostatic air filter with removable cleanable and replaceable pre- and post filtering media. I clean the pre-filter weekly, the electrostatic filter element monthly and the post-filter shows no 'consumption' yet.

I will use candles and oil lamps before CFLs. I'm already hoarding incandescents.

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