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akshaykatre Mar7-10 09:40 AM

understanding the Hamiltonian
hey guys,

this may be a little naive but, I can someone explain to me the physical aspect of the Hamiltonian?
In the sense that if had to physically interpret its function, could I do it and if so how?


bcrowell Mar7-10 10:10 AM

Re: understanding the Hamiltonian
In many cases the Hamiltonian is simply the total energy. This isn't really a question about nuclear or particle physics. You might want to post in the classical physics forum instead.

akshaykatre Mar7-10 10:18 AM

Re: understanding the Hamiltonian
hey thanks for the reply,
i thought about it again.. and maybe i have an idea what it could be... but i'm going to try teh question in the classical physics forum anyways..
thanks though for the reply!

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