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..... Oct3-04 06:09 AM

Atomic radius - core charge vs energy level
which one is more important in determining the size of an atom?

for example - Berilium has a smaller radius than Lithium because it has a greater core charge, but what about Nitrogen vs Berilium? Nitrogen has a greater core charge, but it has electrons in the 2p subshell whereas Berilium only goes to 2s.

Thanks in advance

altered-gravity Oct3-04 09:43 AM

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Hi .....,

Nitrogen has smaller radius than Berylium because of the core charge.

Hidrogen-like radial wavefunctions, although not valid for this case, can be used to qualitaively examine the behaviour of the radius (only in this little atoms, be carefull with this). If you look at the radial probability of a 2p state the maximum is not at higher radius value than the 2s, they are similar.

This is a 2s hidrogen-like radial probability graphic (for Z=4) and the corresponding contour plot in the xy plane, and the 2p plot for Z=7. Look at the maximums of prob. but donīt forget theese are hidrogen-like functions

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