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Abdallah haj Feb22-11 02:08 AM

Mechatronics Project
I'm a mechatronics student, and for my grad project i would like to create a prosthetic robotic arm and I would like to get some back up on the subject maybe some reference. please link anything suitable, I really would appreciate information about electrical requirements, mechanical requirements, dimensions, etc.

looking forward for your replies ^^

Mech_Engineer Feb22-11 02:28 PM

Re: Mechatronics Project
Such a project would be a large undertaking for an entire professional engineering team, let alone a single student. I would recommend reducing the scope of your project before continuing.

Abdallah haj Feb23-11 04:43 AM

Re: Mechatronics Project
I have already started with a team. We have a basic idea for the project. We are going to connect 14 pins to the head connected to Amplifiers, the voltage produced will be classified into a certain motion in the arm, the classifier is going to be connected to motors controlling the motion of the hand. However we need actual research so we can base our design on, for example the dimension of the hand and how they create a prosthetic arm, etc.

Mech_Engineer Feb28-11 05:05 PM

Re: Mechatronics Project
I think you're in over our head. Like WAY over your head... the DARPA arm is similar to what you're proposing:


Quote by
... the DARPA arm is a modern marvel thatís taken several years, $100 million, and some of the best minds in prosthetics design, robotics, and brain-machine interfaces to develop.

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