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Borek Sep5-11 04:55 PM

underwater pictures


(no idea yet what the white thing is, I don't even know if it is a plant or an animal)
(sponge - Ircinia muscarum?)
(Anemonia sulcata AKA Snakelocks anemone)
(Anemonia sulcata AKA Snakelocks anemone)
(sponge - Verongia aerophoba)
(yellow - Verongia aerophoba, black sponge on the right - Ircinia muscarum, brown - some other sponge, orange - something else; can be a sponge as well)
(Echinaster sepositus - but could be it is Marthasterias glacialis, they are similar in size and both can be red)

So, where is the fish?
(Scorpaena porcus?)

Starfish was at about 20 feet - correction for refraction taken into account. Everything else was closer to the surface.

I had some problems. With just fins, mask and snorkel it is extremely difficult to fight buoyancy, and using slow idiot camera doesn't help - it takes ages before focusing ends, in the meantime I was already in completely different position. Sometimes I could catch some rock, but it is not necessarily the best idea - some of them are razor sharp. Add to that fact that in shallow water it is too bright to see the screen correctly, so it is hard to find out if camera is ready to take the picture, or not. Finally, I couldn't spend as much time in the water as I wanted to. For the first week I was fighting larynx and/or vocal cords infection, I lost my voice for three days, so decided to not even try to enter water. Next week weather was rather lousy - warm enough, but many clouds, so there was not enough light under water.

But during the last week I had a lot of fun in the water :smile:

Andy Resnick Sep5-11 05:29 PM

Re: underwater pictures

Quote by Borek (Post 3487301)

But during the last week I had a lot of fun in the water :smile:


lisab Sep5-11 07:22 PM

Re: underwater pictures
Fantastic - I'm envious! Is that salt water?

Borek Sep6-11 01:55 AM

Re: underwater pictures
Yes, salt water, in Adriatic, on the coast of Hvar island, somewhere close to Vrboska and Jelsa. These are not very rich waters in terms of marine life, rather poor mans version of coral reef - still, can be nice.

I still plan to post vacation pictures, but it takes time, and I am busy with other things.

Borek Aug13-12 03:33 PM

Re: underwater pictures
So, this year I was again in the same place, slightly better prepared (which means 1 mm neoprene wetsuit and 3 kg of lead).

Have I told you this idiot-camera shots video as well?

sourlemon Sep21-12 09:51 AM

Re: underwater pictures
oh wow. I'm so jealous. The picture looks great! I can't believe you found the fish in the rocks. I didn't realize there was one there until I read the text.

drizzle Sep28-12 01:54 AM

Re: underwater pictures
That's really exciting! Looks like a lot of fun. :)

Borek May8-13 02:12 AM

Ultimate adventure - wreck diving :wink:

Greg Bernhardt May15-13 10:32 AM

Looking at your photo Borek, I am surprised you can get a good seal on your mask. I always have to shave.

Borek May15-13 11:32 AM

I am surprised too. Somehow, it works good enough.

Evo May15-13 02:41 PM

Somehow I missed this thread, great pictures Borek! I think all PF'ers should post pictures of themselves wearing snorkles, I have one posted. :tongue:

dlgoff May15-13 03:21 PM


Quote by Borek (Post 4383778)
I am surprised too. Somehow, it works good enough.

When I use to do a lot of fresh water SCUBA diving, there was hardly any water pressure force on my mask. It just "floated" on my face. What little water that happened to leak in was easily discharged by an exhale through the nose.

Thomas1989 May20-13 10:28 AM

Wonderful pictures Borek!

The ocean gives me the creeps for sure, but I'd love to give this a try myself someday.

I especially love the photo of the wreck, do you know anything of the history behind it? I've been exploring derelict buildings and ghost towns for years, I guess you could say it's the dry land equivalent. Might post my photographs shortly.

Borek May20-13 10:38 AM

The "wreck" is just a cheap inflatable boat resting at 20 feet (or even less) :smile:

Thomas1989 May20-13 10:52 AM


The "wreck" is just a cheap inflatable boat resting at 20 feet (or even less)
Ah... rofl :shy:

And here I was expecting remains of a U-Boat or something, haha. I'm fascinated by wrecks and anything similar. I'm not sure where you live, so you might not of heard of it... but I've dreamed of diving at Bala Lake in Wales since I was a kid. There is a submerged village there, including the remains of the church and adjoining graveyard, houses, even the old roads are apparently visible. You can find old clay pipes and pottery fragments washed up on the shore on a good day!

davenn May22-13 10:19 PM

3 Attachment(s)
When I went to Cairns city NE Queensland State of Australia for the total solar eclipse last November.
I also did some reef diving on the Great Barrier Reef. just a few pics .....

A tour diver assisting a helmet diver

one of the local friendly gropers this is a BIG fish ... see the tour divers hand patting the groper

one of the many species of fish on the reef ... dont ask me the species ;)


davenn May22-13 10:25 PM

3 Attachment(s)
and another 3 pics....


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