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rahulkhajuria Nov19-11 01:43 AM

DeepFreeze Vs AntiVirus Vs System Restore ?
This question is only for those who have used the Utility called "Deep Freeze" & also used the built -in function within Windows called "System Restore" .

In the event of a Virus Attack on a p.c. , which of the following would have the least damage on the files on the p.c. ? Please give reasons & explain your answer :

1) The p.c. is having Deep Freeze installed for the C Drive , so , when the person simply switches the P.C. on after switching it off , the Virus simply vanishes ! (Assuming it lodged itself somewhere in the C Drive ).

2) The p.c. is having a Good Anti Virus & this AntiVirus either automatically detects & removes the Virus or detects & removes the Virus when an On - Demand scan is run .

3) A Combination of the above two .

4) There is neither Deep Freeze installed nor any Good p.c. Security package . Upon sensing that there seems to be a Virus infection on his p.c. , the person simply restores the system back to a System Restore Point whose date he believes is before the Virus Attack .

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