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AnnieRT Jan4-12 07:57 AM

Topology of charm decays. Help!:)
Hello Everyone:)
It's my first post ever and I'm asking for help, sorry!

I have to know how to identify charm decays in the films of the Na27 experiments, done in the 80's. It was used a bubble chamber and a spectrometer...

In the paper it's said that the candidates to charm decays are analyzed based on the topology of their traces, but I'm finding very little information on it and can't quite figure it out...
Hope you can help me

Vanadium 50 Jan4-12 08:06 AM

Re: Topology of charm decays. Help!:)
What paper is this?

AnnieRT Jan4-12 08:20 AM

Re: Topology of charm decays. Help!:)
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Thanks for the attention:)
Page 8...

Vanadium 50 Jan4-12 01:46 PM

Re: Topology of charm decays. Help!:)
It's in the 2nd full paragraph on that page. For example, a V4 would have four charged particles, two positive, two negative, e.g. K3pi. A C3 would have three, e.g. K2pi.

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