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aimforclarity Feb3-12 08:56 PM

Custom Mathematica Shortcut: Copy as LateX
This can be very useful, so I thought i'd share.
If you edit the


> Wolfram Research\Mathematica\8.0\SystemFiles\FrontEnd\TextResources\Windows\
file you can make Strl+Shift+C copy not plain but in LateX format. Very useful. Look for the line in the file that says "&LaTeX" and the one that says "Plain &Text". The & sign gives the underscore letter in the menu. Then replace them with the following:

                    MenuItem["Plain &Text", FrontEnd`CopySpecial["PlainText"]],
                                KernelExecute[ToExpression["FrontEnd`CopyAsTeX[]"]], MenuKey["C", Modifiers->{"Control", "Shift"}],
                                MenuEvaluator -> Automatic],

Restart Matematica and you are done.

The question i would have is if anyone knows what *MenuEvaluator* does, or if you know how to do this modification from a notebook in mathematica rather than modifying the config file.

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