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pinu Feb14-12 11:06 AM

AdS/CFT notes!
I am studying Witten's papers on AdS/CFT. But I don't have any CFT or SUSY background. Can anyone suggest me some lecture notes or books where I can have illustrative ideas on Ads/CFT correspondence? I do have Nastase's notes.It is really good but too short for introduction!

atyy Feb14-12 03:11 PM

Re: AdS/CFT notes!
I've been slowly trying to learn about this too. Two sets of notes that seem friendlier to me are McGreevy's and Sundrum's.

pinu Feb15-12 10:55 AM

Re: AdS/CFT notes!
Thank you very much..!! It seems really very useful for me.

haushofer Feb16-12 06:54 AM

Re: AdS/CFT notes!
You could try the latest edition of Zwiebach's book on String Theory. That contains a section on AdS/CFT.

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